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Holiday Traditions

8th January

I have a secret… My Birthday is on Saturday. I will be 35, going on ancient. This Birthday will probably be the hardest Birthday I will have suffered through, not because I feel any older, but because I realized an entire year has passed and I didn’t know it.  I didn’t realize it…


A stopwatch? A clock? A calendar?

I don’t have a traditional job… I don’t wake up at a traditional hour, and I don’t go to sleep at a traditional time… Friday is no more exciting to me than Monday… Every day of the week has the same importance as the one that came before or after.  Call it a champagne problem of being a director, or that of not having a job.

Maybe when I was younger, the idea of not having a 9-5 would … Read More »

Confessions of an Addict

11th February

Stop reading this blog… Seriously, stop reading.  Surely there are better ways to spend your time than reading words of a has-been hack that really has nothing important to say.

Wait. You’re still here?  Um, okay… Fine…

Surely you can think of something better to do than sit in front of your computer…

A nice walk in the park… Conversing with someone you love.  Maybe checking out a museum or learning a new language…

BUT, if you are going to read my blog I propose a challenge to you… Do nothing else in the time it takes you to complete this post.  Do not check your email, answer the phone, or go make yourself a turkey sandwich.  Be PRESENT…  Truly present…


I have something I really need to get off my chest… I am an addict…

I have a unhealthy problem that is … Read More »

A SAW by any other name…

25th January

I like to pride myself on being proactive… Both in my career and my life… however I have been anything but proactive when it comes to my blog.

I guess I get overwhelmed with how many thoughts I have in a day and instead of just focusing on ONE thought and blogging about it, I shut down.

My News Year’s resolution is to blog more… Not that any really cares what I have to say, but it’s cathartic…   I have grown tired of telling Ninja and Chance all of my innermost thoughts…

Truth be told, I am sure they have grown tired of hearing them.

So I turn to the Internet, where everyone has a voice, and anyone can babble on endlessly about everything and nothing at all. It’s insane when you think how the Internet has changed our lives, … Read More »

A Family Affair

26th October

A Family Affair 

My life has been relegated to boxes… thousands, and thousands, and thousands of boxes.  Boxes and labels, don’t get me started on the fucking labels.


This week THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL was released to the world.  DVD/ NETFLIX/ iTUNES/ HOT TOPIC/ the list goes on and on.

For those of you just joining us, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL is a new musical collaboration from Terrance Zdunich and myself. 

It seems surreal.  Just 10 months ago, we embarked on a journey without a safety net. We threw caution to the wind, and said ‘FUCK IT’ lets go make something we want to make, and do it completely independently.

Independently.  I guess I never understood what that word meant until recently.

Before I made The Devil’s Carnival I would’ve considered myself an INDIE FILMMAKER.  While I have … Read More »

Perception is KING

3rd October

On September 28th, The Barrens opened in theaters, and on October 9th, the film expands to  VOD/DVD and Streaming.


It is this writer’s humble opinion that one of the most difficult aspects of being a filmmaker is taking criticism.

There are those out there who will argue YOU CHOSE THIS, so stop being a whiny little bitch, and take it like a man…

You are right.  I did choose this.  I chose to create art, and then put it out there in the world to be judged.

I didn’t say I disagree with it, I said it was hard…

I have written numerous blogs in the past about dealing with criticism, so I will spare you repetition.

Today, we will talk about PERCEPTION, and its effect on the already fragile filmmaking process…

I woke up last Friday morning, my stomach … Read More »


8th August

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am a bit of a recluse. I am not a big partier, nor do I bask in the Hollywood scene… In fact, I am not sure I thrive in any scene… I am a hermit. I love my house and my creature comforts… I love waking up in my own bed, and making coffee in own kitchen… I love sitting out by the pool, or watching a movie in my man cave. I prefer spending time with my dog and my wife over most people.

For the last few years, I have literally built my Utopia so I never have to leave.  I even get panic attacks going to STARBUCKS so I have purchased every type of coffee maker imaginable.

I am socially awkward… I have … Read More »

COMIC CON 2012…Contest Winners

25th July

Fans make the world go round…

For those of you who have been to Comic-Con, I need not tell you how exhausting and overwhelming the entire experience is.


It is a celebration of all things… well… cool.   Comic books, horror movies, big summer blockbusters, toys, and let us not forget scantily clad Princess Leias.


I have been attending the Con for almost 6 years.  Each time I leave, I tell myself, that’s it, I am done, I am not coming back.  But a year rolls around, and the geeky little boy that lives inside me comes to the surface and pulls me back to San Diego, to once again brave the crowded convention floor, rubbing elbows with Storm Troopers and Zombies.


This year, I traveled to San Diego to promote THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL.

For those … Read More »