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"Bousman knows how to ramp up the tension in measured strokes, barely allowing the audience time to gasp for more air."

"St. Agatha” is a gleefully sour bite of a rotten Granny Smith apple. It’s a horror film with brains and atmosphere that will undoubtedly satisfy genre fans."

"Russo Brothers Find New AGBO Storytelling Front: Interactive Venture With ‘Saw II’s Darren Lynn Bousman"

"Hulu Japan to Stream Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘Crow’s Blood’"

 "Cults, Chaos, and, Community:  How The Tension Experience Rewrote The Rules Of Storytelling."

"How the Creators of The Devil's Carnival Said 'Screw You' to Hollywood and Gained a Cult Following."

"The cult-horror mastermind on anthologies, religious horror and the thrill of distributing his own movies."

"A camp-horror bomb becomes a midnight-movie sensation with fans dressing up, acting out and yelling at the screen. Sound familiar?"

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