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I M M E R S I V E 

There is power here. Magic even. The moment you ask your audience to stop being passive, and instead be active in the story you are telling, everything changes. They become a character, they become a creator.     

Immersive Channel
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For nine months, participants of an elaborate ARG (Alternate Reality Game) unlocked the secrets of a mysterious cult and altered its very narrative along the way.

This journey culminated in a block-long warehouse with a site-specific, three-hour immersive experience, wherein the audience became the star of their own psychological thriller.

THE TENSION EXPERIENCE generated unprecedented reviews and life-altering entertainment for those who dared participate.


For over a year, participants fell down a rabbit hole, aided by a narcissistic self help guru, his occult, power-hungry father, and a series of nefarious Illuminati-esque organizations all tied together by a sadistic cult practicing "sex magick."  


What is it that we desire?  For some, it is power... for others, it's love. But, inside our walls, everything we lusted after was put to the test, and many left with the realization they were driven by demons they never even knew existed.


At Theatre Macabre hilarious, shocking and electrifying vignettes await at every turn but so do the purveyors of these dark arts and they may, or may not, have your best interest in mind. Ever increasingly, the line between what is real and what is simply unsettling entertainment will become more and more divided as the night wears on.


The audience will find themselves dragged away from and into the show itself as the narrative transforms to make them the lead of their very own terrifying and intoxicating stories.

Theater Macabre invites you to drink, laugh and watch someone die…


iConfidant was a massive, experimental medium for social story telling.


What started as a platform to find a new friend during quarantine turned into a much more sinister experience that took place in real time. Over a period of five weeks, a selected group of audience members participated in a sprawling narrative that intertwined over 40 characters, each with their own motives, goals, and stories in what might be the most ambitious augmented reality game to date. 

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One Day Die was an interactive immersive experience that successfully sold out 42 shows with nearly 1000 participants immersing in the 90-minute experience. By utilizing nearly 10 high-quality cameras and an original, innovative online platform, ODD allowed its participants to enter into an interactive and terrifying space where they could change rooms, roam the halls, and meet interesting characters along the way that could actually see and interact with them – all from the safety of their home. On top of this, we also put a piece of the story – a box of items – right in the hands of our participants to further breakdown the barriers between our show and their reality.

Private Activations

One must do much more than simply click a link to get our attention. If this is something that you are truly interested in than it is up to you to grab our attention. Note, these are not cheap, and we will not accept many who seek our services. So, do better. Find us, and let us know why we should be paying attention to you.