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I am a hoarder... I don't throw anything away.  I literally have notes from my second grade teacher that for whatever reason still are tucked in boxes collecting dust from 30 some years ago. I don't know why I'm so sentimental with crap like this.  I will die an old man, and never open some of these boxes that I have refused to throw away.  

This obsession of not throwing things away has followed me into my film career as well... Ever since Saw II, I have kept almost every document, every story board, every scrap of paper that had my notes, or ideas written on it.   Why?  I have no fucking clue.  


When Saw II ended, and the production designers started tearing apart the set, I truly thought, this might be the last time I work again… I need to save something from this experience.  I went by their dumpster, and actually pulled out some of the artwork that was hanging on Jigsaw’s wall… 

This obsession of collecting mementos followed me through all of my projects.  Each and every time I would return home to Los Angeles, I would take these treasures and put them in a storage unit… I wanted proof that I was there, that I did this… thing…  Years, turned into a decade, and one morning I stopped by my storage unit and opened it to find a tornado of chaos… things had toppled over, smashed, and broken apart, some of my beloved mementos were  forever destroyed…


​Ten years ago, the idea of an online store would have made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.  At the time, there was something classless about it... Something taboo.  Who the hell would ever care enough about something I did to want to buy it? Be it an autograph, or a storyboard, or a trinket from a film?


​As time passed and some of the movies I have worked on developed fan bases I realized the impact some of these flicks had on the viewers.  These things are dying a horrible death, as long as they sit in my storage unit unseen... 


I am proud of all my movies, even the bad ones.  My legacy doesn’t live on because I took a prop from the set, or kept it for decades.. It lives on because it’s talked about, and remembered.  These treasures of my storage unit are being forgotten as long as they are locked away.    


Each month I will release a few new items… Each item will start at .1  Bid what you think it’s worth.  I have partnered with Americans For The Arts, and a portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated to helping connect, strengthen and advance our nation’s arts.  


Each item purchased will come with a hand written note from me, or a personalized video message.  


Everything I am putting up on my store has a story.  These things are one of a kind.  And it’s time they were pulled from my storage unit and released to you.  

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