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Darren Bousman began his career directing commercials and music videos and quickly rose to fame when he was hired to write and direct SAW II, the sequel to the box office success film SAW. Bousman went on to direct sequels in the franchise: SAW III and SAW IV, with his first three major films garnering global distribution and opening at #1 at the box office three years in a row. To date, Bousman has created over a dozen films that have grossed $500 million in worldwide box office receipts.

After the SAW films, Bousman went on to direct and produce his passion project, REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, based on an original stage play which he directed in 2002. This futuristic gothic opera featured an eclectic soundtrack including songs by artists from Jane’s Addiction, Slipknot and Guns & Roses, and earned notoriety by Bousman's personally touring the film around North America in the vein of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.


Next Bousman helmed an episode of the NBC horror anthology series FEAR ITSELF written by Steve Niles and then in 2010 finished production on the home invasion thriller MOTHER’S DAY, based on the popular 1980 Troma film of the same name. In 2011, Bousman filmed the religious thriller titled 11-11-11 and immediately after, in 2012 filmed THE BARRENS and THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL.


In 2014, Bousman directed ABATTOIR, based on an original concept he created and which was developed into a comic book series published by Radical Publishing. Immediately after wrapping ABATTOIR, Bousman moved to Japan to produce the TV Show “Crow’s Blood” for Hulu Japan featuring the pop sensation AKB48.

In 2016, inspired the David Fincher movie THE GAME, Bousman, with long time collaborator Clint Sears, opened the Immersive project THE TENSION EXPERIENCE which spanned almost ten months and featured a multi-platform fractured narrative.

Upon completing THE TENSION EXPERIENCE, Bousman directed the thriller ST. AGATHA.

In 2018, Darren helmed the Maggie Q thriller DEATH OF ME that filmed on location in Thailand.  The following year, Bousman returned to the SAW universe directing SPIRAL starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson which was #1 at the box office.


Most recently Darren directed the Jeremy Irons thriller CELLO which will be released on December 8th. 

In 2023, Bousman wrote the children's book "BUT DADDY, WE ARE SCARED!!!"


Currently Bousman splits his time between filmmaking and Immersive Theatre. Currently he is working on a large scale Immersive show opening in 2024.

Director / Writer / Producer 
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