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Original Screen Used Props

+ Directing and Marketing Materials

Each order comes with a personalized video and signature.  New items will be released every month.

LOT #001

Auction Beginning 07/02/18

Partial proceeds donated to

AmericaNs For The Arts

SAW Films 

One of the drawings within Jigsaw's Lair in Saw III.  This drawing is a direct tie in to the "twisty" trap (aka The Rack). This prop has tears and prop blood from the shoot.

Production rendering from David Hackl.  Signed by David Hackl and Darren Bousman.  

Promotional Give Aways from Saw, II, III, IV.  First Aid kit, Playing cards, Dental Floss, and a keychain that when button is pushed the voice of Jigsaw reminds you 

"You think this is over?  The Games of just begun."

Lot of five needles used in the infamous Saw II needle pit scene.  These needles were screen used.  The tips have been replaced with fibers for actor safety.  

Inside Jigsaw's Lair in Saw II this adorned a wall. This rendering was an early concept from Jigsaw on the opening trap in Saw II.   One of a kind.  

Signed DVD or BluRay of Saw II, III, IV. 

Story Boards from opening face trap scene of Saw II.  Complete sequence signed by director.

Scissors used in the brain surgery from Saw III.  Screen used and still  dripping with blood and hair from John Kramer himself. 

Released in Japan, a novelization of Saw III.  This is signed by the director on the inside cover. 


One of a kind, screen used contract from Rotti Largo.  As seen in the song GOLD.  Very good condition.

One of a kind, screen used contract from Rotti Largo.  As seen in the song GOLD.  Very good condition.

Pages and pages of renderings, and blueprints of the buildout of Repo's sets.  Including the Wallace house, the Opera itself, as well as Rotti's Office.  

Large "Just Say No To Zydrate" Screen Used Poster seen in Zydrate Anatomy.  Printed on thick material, perfect condition.  

Screen Used Poster from Seventeen.  

This rare item was used in the short film, that ended up getting the financing for Repo!  This sign hung in the cemetery durning 21st Cure.  

Nathan Wallace / Repo Man's screen used medical bag.  Still dripping with blood from the Opera.    

Original Screen Used Prop held by Graverobber himself.  Only one made, and used.  

One of three pitch books that remain.  This rare item was what was sent to investors and cast to try to entice them to join our strange little opera.  The both is 16 pages of colorful drawings and stories of the universe.  

Signed DVD or BluRay of Repo! The Genetic Opera.   

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