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"Fright Club Makes a Movie"

I am going to kill some street cred real quick. Ready?  

Most of the writers and filmmakers working in horror are the nicest group of people who will meet... 


Yeah, I know, I know... We kill people in horrible, macabre ways... We wear all black, and greet each other by screaming, "Hail Satan!"  I know, I know, we get off on capturing the suffering of others and then projecting it for the world to see... 

Years back, when I was making the SAW films, there was thing called "The Fright Club." Basically it was a group of like-minded weirdos who were all entangled within the horror community. Every time there was a new horror happening in Los Angeles, the troops were assembled.


For over a year this was an almost weekly event. Movie screenings, parties, haunted houses. Everyone became close. It was amazing to have a support system of other macabre artists struggling to get their projects out into the world.  


Years passed, and The Fright Club disbanded. We would see each other at parties, and all remained close, but there was no longer a club… 


Well, that was until fellow filmmakers Mike Mendez and Axelle Carolyn decided to up the stakes… Instead of hanging out watching a movie… Let’s go MAKE a movie.  


Phone calls started, and a few weeks later a handful of the original Fright Clubbers assembled and created The October Society… The October Society was going to make a flick…  an anthology celebrating our favorite Holiday.  Halloween.  

Piece of trivia.  The week before shooting my segment of TALES OF HALLOWEEN (written by Clint Sears),  I was in New Orleans wrapping production on ABATTOIR.  Laura, my wife, was nine months pregnant.  I didn't want to leave her side, and not be there for her when she went into labor.  I convinced the producers to let me shoot my segment on my street.  

Tales of Halloween
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