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"A Tension Reunion in Atlanta."

We were in the middle of THE TENSION EXPERIENCE, knee deep with insanity, when Srdjan, the line producer asked me... "Yo, will you read my script?  I got money for it, and we can go tomorrow if you want..." 


It's important to remember this is Hollywood. Everyone has a script, and everyone thinks they have money. I blew the question off, and went on with TENSION.  However, I realized that night when I came home that he had snuck the script into my bag...  I flipped through it, but did not read it.

​The next week, Srjdan once again inquired about his movie (he was the producer, not the writer). I promised him I would read it that night and get back to him. Honestly, I didn't pick the script up for another month.  

​TENSION was ending, and I was devastated.  I had grown to love my cast, and was broken this thing was coming to a close.  Once again at the wrap party Srdjan confronted me... "Seriously Bousman, I have money for this, we can go into production the moment you sign on."  Jokingly I said, “Can I bring the TENSION cast?”  He responded, “Bring whoever the fuck you want to bring…”

That night I read the script… It was dark… I mean… really, really, really fucking dark… Dark to the point that I wasn’t even sure I could do it.  


I called Srdjan back. "Let me cast my actors from TENSION, and let me bring my writer Clint Sears in to make it more 'me' and I will do it…"


Two weeks later I was in Atlanta in prep on ST. AGATHA.  


Every movie is a battle.  In the case of ST. AGATHA it was a WAR.  


It was the lowest budget film I had ever tried to direct, and that presented challenges I wasn’t prepared for. However, amidst all of the challenges I was able to work with Joseph White my DP, and I did cast a large portion of the TENSION cast, so it eased the insanity of the shoot.  

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