Created by

Darren Lynn Bousman, Clint Sears & Gordon Bijelonic

For nine months, participants of an elaborate ARG (Alternate Reality Game) unlocked the secrets of a mysterious cult and altered its very narrative along the way.

This journey culminated in a block-long warehouse with a site-specific, three-hour immersive experience, wherein the audience became the star of their own psychological thriller.

THE TENSION EXPERIENCE generated unprecedented reviews and life-altering entertainment for those who dared participate.


For over a year, participants fell down a rabbit hole, aided by a narcissistic self help guru, his occult, power-hungry father, and a series of nefarious Illuminati-esque organizations all tied together by a sadistic cult practicing "sex magick."  


What is it that we desire?  For some, it is power... for others, it's love. But, inside our walls, everything we lusted after was put to the test, and many left with the realization they were driven by demons they never even knew existed.

I M M E R S I V E 

There is power here. Magic even. The moment you ask your audience to stop being passive, and instead be active in the story you are telling, everything changes.  They become a character, they become a creator.     


"Neil Patrick Harris gets a birthday present to die for with the help of the guys behind ‘The Tension Experience’"

"Russo Brothers Find New AGBO Storytelling Front: Interactive Venture With ‘Saw II’s Darren Lynn Bousman"

"In Los Angeles, The Lust Experience is blurring the line between fantasy and reality. "

"The Tension Experience: A live theater show that seriously fucks with your head... "

"In Los Angeles, The Lust Experience is blurring the line between fantasy and reality. "

"The biggest mindfuck in Los Angeles "

"Stale scripted entertainment can't match the thrills of 'The Tension Experience.' "

"This is an experience that will refuse to leave you; its lingering effects will replay in your mind. "


Verve Talent and Literary Agency

Adam Levine




Zero Gravity Management 

Andrew J. Wilson



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