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Why I still do it… (updated)

Posted on April 3rd, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Repo! The Genetic Opera. 57 comments

This week my Twitter and Facebook were filled with posts about REPO! The Genetic Opera.  Something, by now, I am sure the majority of my followers are sick of hearing about.

I have tons of fans following me on both sites.  However, the majority of the people following me are not REPO! fans, but fans of the SAW franchise, or fans of the fact that they are ‘following’ a director.  The other percentage of people are industry friends, various horror sites, reporters, etc…

It should be noted that while mainstream press destroyed REPO!, the majority of genre sites backed it, and almost all of them gave the movie glowing endorsements.  Bloody-Disgusting, Shock Till You Drop, Dread Central, Fangoria, Horror.com, even Aint It Cool News.

So here we are, almost two years after the release of REPO! and I am still tweeting about it on an almost hourly basis.  These same sites who helped bring credibility to REPO! and are still following me on Twitter have to be over the fact I still talk about it constantly.  I mean come on, GET OVER IT, right?  The movie came, the movie went… move on.

Move on… maybe I should just ‘move on’… But move on to what?  I am an artist… An Artist creates Art.  The hope we have is that we create something that will spark something in the viewer…

I think the biggest failure in REPO! was not the lack of money nor the lack of promotion.  The biggest failure in REPO! is the lack of EXPOSURE of what is happening right now…  I realize these people who are discouraging my excitement are not standing next to me when I show up to a REPO show and still see lines that wrap around multiple city blocks…

These people are not there when fans come running up to me dressed like characters from the movie.

Last week a good friend of mine – who happens to write for one of these sites – said, “Darren, you HAVE to move on.  It’s all you talk about.”  I smiled and nodded…

Where was this friend last month when I attended a shadow cast to a sold out crowd of cheering fans?

My rep’s for the most part were ‘no better – they had their hands tied.  They are in a business of making money.  “ON TO THE NEXT!” they proclaimed.  And to their credit, this is a ‘business’, and their business is to get me work and make me money.  So the failure of REPO! was a wound that they wanted to help me quickly bandage up.  And I understand that.  And that is why I hire them… To watch after me and my business… And my business venture failed.

But what about the ‘art’?

There I was, one of the most profitable horror directors working, who created a bomb.  And not just your classic bomb, but a bomb of EPIC proportions.  REPO!, while a low budget movie, still cost millions and millions, and only made thousands at the box office.

My star had not gracefully fallen; it took a nose dive into a black pit.

Offers stopped coming in, emails stopped being answered and my phone stopped ringing.

Everyone around me:  my reps, my friends, my partners in horror crime, all urged me to MOVE ON.   Even my wife, while always supportive, began to ask if we could have REPO! free conversations.

To the world, I had created a failure of UWE BOLL proportions.

I was lucky enough to find MOTHER’S DAY and have a group of producers back me after the crash and burn that was REPO!

My agents were ecstatic – Darren is back, returning to his horror roots, this will be the thing that puts him back on the map… “STOP TALKING ABOUT REPO!” all those around me would say…

Yet, my Facebook updates, my Twitter posts, everything still centered around one topic:  REPO!

We get it, we get it – you love REPO!  Way to be self absorbed and self indulgent…

I had become the guy who you didn’t want at your party, as odds were, all I would want to talk about is REPO!

Them: “Hey, Darren, who do you like in the Superbowl?”

Me: “You know they don’t have football in the future — GENECO won’t allow it!”

So the question that needs to be asked is WHY?!  Why do I still fixate on something that was so 2008?  Why do I still shed a light on something that I know is damaging to my career?  Why do I allow myself to be the one who is laughed at by people who used to revere me?

To answer this, I must first tell you a story.

Back when I was doing SAW 3 – an email came through my blackberry from one of the producers of SAW.  The email had one image attached to it – it was a person’s arm, who had gotten a ‘Billy’ tattoo from SAW.  The email had a huge chain of people involved with the SAW movie.  The email said, “How exciting is this?  Look how our movie is affecting people!”  That email, and that image, was the talking point in the SAW family for weeks — if not months.  No one could believe that a fan could be so committed to branding themselves off a creation we were all apart of.  Truth be told, it was an amazing thing.  I was a part of a franchise where the commitment from fans ran so deep they would INK themselves and sit through pain and agony to proudly show their love.  It felt good.

As a director you set out to tell stories that will affect people… inspire them.  Directors are given a platform, and the hope is that those watching their creations will somehow be changed by what they helped create.

Most artists will work their entire life  and never realize how their work has impacted others.  A director could make 20 movies, make billions at the box office, and before his retirement all he has to show is his mansion, his millions in the bank account, and some great posters hanging around his office of movies he was apart of.    Let me be the first to say, nothing would make me happier then when I die, I have the mansion, the millions in the bank and some great posters.  But I want something more… Need something more.  I want to know I made a difference…

REPO! is that difference.  I am not fooled into thinking I have created a masterpiece.  Nor do I think REPO! will be the best movie I will ever do.  (I honestly believe my current film, MOTHER’S DAY, is the best thing I have done so far.)   What I do believe however, is that no other movie I make will have the impact in people’s lives as REPO! has.  I do believe that no other movie I make will have the level of dedication as our fan base has shown.

The majority of people who know me, or casually know REPO! have no idea what REPO! really is, or what it is continually doing.

REPO! is a drug.  And I can 100% with conviction tell you, as a filmmaker and artist, I am addicted.  There is no way to explain the feeling of walking into a sold out theater some 19 months after the first screening and seeing a rabid group of people STILL CHEERING, STILL SCREAMING, STILL SINGING, and all dressed up in their REPO! best.

Every morning I wake up, my inbox is still flooded with fan creations, pictures and stories about how REPO! is changing them.

Awhile back, I went into a restaurant and the waiter handed me my to go order.  I thanked him, and turned to walk away.  As I was near the door, I heard the waiter say, “TESTIFY.”  I stopped, turned, the waiter smirked a little, and nodded.

TESTIFY.  One word that has become the backbone of the REPO Community.  TESTIFY.  The waiter didn’t have to say anything else to me.  That one word was all that needed to be said. I knew him, and he knew me.  It was like FIGHT CLUB.  There was an unspoken bond.

Every single day new theaters pick up REPO!, and more fans discover it.

Every single day our little following is growing bigger and wider… And here I am, standing, watching this thing grow – and yet those closest surrounding me our blind.  My own family, friends and most trusted representatives still view REPO as a failure.  Surely, this, what is happening, is not a failure… Most movies will never see this kind of fandom.  This kind of loyalty, this kind of passion.

To the majority of the mainstream REPO! is gone… It showed for a week in the theater – got bad reviews, and went away.

I took a meeting this week with a producer – he started off the meeting by saying, “Hey, sorry to hear REPO! didn’t work.  It’s okay though, you’ll bounce back.”  I smiled…

Unless you know, YOU DO NOT KNOW.  It’s easy not to see what lies beneath the surface.  It’s easy to write off these so called ‘goth’ kids and their crazy opera.    But what about our little UNDERGROUND movement?  What about our tattoos? What about our sold out shows?

If a tree falls in the forest and… you know the rest.

To those who are closest to me, my family, my friends, telling me to move on, move past, and find the greener pastures – you have not seen what I have seen. You have not experienced what I have experienced, you have not felt the connection that I have.

I am a director.  My passion lies in telling stories, and trying to connect with those I have told my stories to.


Sorry to tell you my dear followers, IT IS JUST FUCKING BEGINNING!!!!



57 thoughts on “Why I still do it… (updated)

  1. Darren, I have to say this, I have been with Repo! Since 2007, and I have never wanted off this ride. I got the chance to meet you, and you are one of the coolest people I have ever met, you and Terrance. I am glad you aren’t giving up on Repo! because your family isn’t giving up on you!


  2. Hey Darren,

    This post made me remember how great it is to be a part of this crazy Repo family.

    I first saw the flick on Nov 9th, 2008 in NYC. Then again on Nov 12th, 2008 in Chicago.

    Then, on Nov 17th, 2008, I got my Repo tattoo. I woke up that morning and realized I wanted it, and that was that. Went to class, was fidgety all day because I knew what was waiting for me now afterwards. Raced from my campus to the tattoo shop by my house, and got it done.

    17 months later, I still wake up everyday and am happy to see it there on my arm, “My Legacy Is Not Up To My Genes.”

  3. So many beautiful tattoos! So glad to see them on there! (I know two of those fellow tattoo-ees well!!)

    You have made a difference, Darren, and we love it!!


  4. Here’s one diva who still sticks that film on at parties so all my wee gays can lap it up. I’ll be honest and say that I ain’t inked myself with any Geneco bar codes, but that film’s well and truly inked on my brain. Testifuckingfy!

  5. I love this!

    You’re not going to remember meeting me, but I am probably one of the least likely fans of Repo! ever. Still, I fell in love with the crazy, fantastic concept as soon as I discovered it (great trailer, btw), not to mention the cast, the music, and the vision.

    I was fortunate to see a screening at Coolidge Corner in Boston, which you and Terrance attended. (I keep the signed poster on the back of my dorm room door.) As a film student, it’s wonderful to hear a commercially successful director be so unwaveringly passionate about a personal project, regardless of the negative “professional” opinion – to be able to truly appreciate the magnitude of the fan reception. I have exposed many of my friends to Repo! and how awesome it is how the community arose to make it such a cult success. It’s great be part of something bigger than yourself, and I’d like to thank you for perpetuating that feeling on a personal level.


  6. This is my first time on Repo!. Your Saw Series is a lot better than the rest of the nincompoop competitors out there. Let’s have a ticker tape parade with the models/actress wannabes!

  7. All I have to say is fuck these people. Not in a negative way, I do understand where they’re coming from (especially your wife and non-Repo fans – I’m writing a novel and everyone around me has heard about very little else for months. I know they’re annoyed. But, it’s important to me, and it isn’t hurting anyone, so I’m not going to stop.) , but you’re still passionate about Repo. Which, duh, is fucking fantastic! You’re an artist, this is what artists do. I understand their annoyance, but this is who you are, take it or leave it.

    Repo, to be honest, is one of four creations/artistic endeavours that have changed my life completely. In a way it has kind of saved my life, I suppose, but not so much as it has given me something to live for. I mean, I’m an artist as well, but it’s taken me a long time to really start creating and putting my work out there. And even now, I’m at the very beginning. Repo itself and everyone involved in making it what it is now has (I really don’t want to say ‘inspired,’ because that sounds like a load of horse shit.) moved me to the extent where I’d needed to be for so long to actually nurture and relentlessly work on an idea to make something of it.

    We tell stories because they touch us. And if they touch us, then they’re going to do the same to someone else. The audience for Repo is small, sure, but we’re a fucking Army.

    I’m planning on getting a few lines from Chase The Morning (Mag’s last verse – not sure where yet.) done at some point. Something from all four artists who’ve completely changed my life for the better, actually. =)

    And, *coughcough* you need to come to Sacramento and see Amber’s Sweets. I hear Camille (their Mag) flipped out when she heard she was on the front page of Repo-Opera.


  8. This is an excellent post, man! Don’t let anyone take that love and enthusiasm away from you because few people have the connection to REPO! that you do. It’s in your blood. Some people might see just a movie or even a commercial failure, but they don’t know. REPO! is so much more. You’ve done something amazing and no one can take that away from you. You’ve been instrumental in creating something that many people only wish they could. Your film has a following. A dedicated bunch of followers who love this event and are willing to fight for it. REPO! has a legacy.

    I’ve been addicted to Repo! since the day it came out, even before then. I’m a big Saw fan & it’d been on my radar ever since I heard that you were leaving Saw to do this new project (long before the trailer came out) and my excitement built over time.

    I saw it twice opening night at the Sunset 5, then again a couple times that weekend in Pasadena (my girlfriend and I grabbed some sharpies and made some cool T-Shirts for those shows). I took my dad to see it because he was quite interested (He first heard you on “The Business” on NPR). I was there for Road Tour 3. I’ve been attending the midnight shows in LA for a couple months now.

    We’ve met a few times. I dunno if you’d remember me though.

    REPO! has definitely had a huge impact on my life.

    I don’t know if you ever got it, but I once wrote you a myspace message (kinda corny, I know) about this.

    REPO! and its history, the story of what you guys had to do to get this project made (and made right) basically restored my love of filmmaking and reminded me of why I wanted to be a filmmaker and an artist in the first place. And it continues to solidify that love and drive with each passing day.

    REPO! and its history came to me at a time when (due to a number of circumstances), my passion for filmmaking was slipping. I was feeling somewhat barren and disillusioned. I was feeling lost.

    But seeing REPO!, hearing the history, and seeing how it was overcoming the odds (even at the very beginning) reminded me of why I wanted to make films in the first place and gave me a clearer vision of what I wanted my work to stand for.

    It helped bring back the love and the more REPO! continues to grow, the more it ads to and solidifies my faith and love of filmmaking, storytelling, and art in general. REPO! embodies art.

    REPO! gave me something to fight for and believe in, thus making my love of the art stronger, and that made me want to support REPO! even more. It’s one big circle.

    I’ll be with the REPO! Army for life and I’ll always be glad to help REPO! in any way I can.

    Once again, I just want to thank you for REPO! because the film, the history, and everything you’ve done and put into this project, each facet of this story has inspired me more than I can express.

    Thanks a lot, man! And I can’t wait for Mother’s Day! Keep up the excellent work!

    I’m designing my REPO! tattoo. TESTIFY!!!

  9. I go on FEARnet a lot and they gave REPO! a lot of love as well! I think Rue Morgue did too. And Leonard Maltin, oddly enough!

  10. I still remember first seeing this (DEC 2008) in Philadelphia – hadn’t even heard of it before that week, and decided I had to see it. Nearly didn’t make it, because it was sold out, but found people who had extra tickets – and showed up alone, since no one I knew had heard of it.

    I was the dominatrix in leather, the slashed top, and the fur coat, who handed Terrance a business card so he’d know how to spell my name when signing the poster I bought after the show, and kind of blanked when he asked me if he was supposed to keep it (usually people do, or hand it back; rarely do they ask). I’d waited until the end of the line, since that’s when things wind down and people have more time to talk, but you both looked so manically exhausted that I felt sorry for you both, and didn’t hang out past that.

    That started a journey of no less than 13 Repo showings over the last year – two of which were at Wicked Faire (which I have yet to see you at – *tsk*), 2009 & 2010. And speaking of Repo-inspired modifications, I’ve got to say – the “zydrate whores” and “Amber Sweets” of the world are proving to be my best demo-volunteers for my needleplay classes. I may be having a Repo-themed show at next Wicked Faire, so let us know if you can make it.

    Considering the groups of people it’s brought together (and the “families” it’s created), I’m glad to say I think that Repo will be around for a good long while. From one artist to another, congratulations! And best of luck! 🙂

  11. Darren, I have to say, thank you for all you’ve done for our dysfunctional little (well, becoming quite large) family. I’ll keep Testifying!

    Oh, and thanks for putting up my tattoo :3

  12. I sent you a request to help a sick friend and you are obliging me in that help. It was not the screams from Saw that my friend needs, but the music and family story behind REPO! He needs something to fight for, something to inspire him and REPO! can do it. For all, of those that ask you to move on, tnheir eye is on the almighty dollar and they have no passion for anything but money. I wish we had the money to bring you, Terrance and Darren to our local convention so it can prove itseld as it has time and again. I would drive any distance and stand in any long line to see REPO!, even if I knew I’d probably be turned away due to it being sold out. Hell, I even squeezed into a corset and my 12 year old dressed as Shilo when we saw you. Meeting you was an honor of a lifetime. We love you, we love REPO! and anyone that talks agains it is just too lazy or stupid to want to experience it. TESTIFY!

  13. What an amazing post… I play Nathan in my local shadowcast, the Zydrate Entguaists Network, and have been a huge fan sincE March 08… My love for repo grows every day, and like you, some of my friends and most of my family is tired of me talking about it… If its not about the movie itself, its about my show… Repo has slowly become my entire life and I thank you as well as Terrance and Darren Smith for bringing it into our lives. To hell with those who hated the movie, Repo is not a failure… It is an amazing movie that has begun one of the greatest communities I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

  14. Darren, if you EVER compare yourself to UWE BOLL again, I will find you and slap you.

    Now that I’ve said that…Glad to see that you’ll never give up on Repo! This post kind of makes me feel better about the way I obsess over my own film ideas, even though most have yet to be filmed (and many have yet to even be written). I hope someday when I’m a real filmmaker we can work together. That’d be so bitchin’ that there ain’t even a word for it.

    Keep rockin’ dude, you’re a hero.

  15. That is awsome. I love how u still do care for it even though it was made like 2 years ago. its my favorite movie and I lend people my copy of it to try and spread the word of it and they all love it too! Those tats are crazy! but u shouldn’t give up on it. and to me Repo! is kinda in a way like Rocky Horror Picture Show lol
    Keep makin epic movies!!

  16. “Darren, if you EVER compare yourself to UWE BOLL again, I will find you and slap you.”

    I agree with this haha!

    AWESOME post Darren. I feel like clapping.

  17. i can tell you again and again. this movie has made my life what it is. no one quite understands the level of dedication i have for my shadowcast (ZEN, of course)… or the people who are a part of it. my heart is here, and there it shall stay. i know that one of the tattoo’s that you posted, was just inked 2 days ago (the epilogue tattoo), and i find it more and more awesome the more i see the level of dedication the fans have. i have yet to get my repo tattoos yet (yes.. more than one), but all in due time. this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if i could thank you every day of my life for this, it just wouldnt be enough. it gave me a sense if being, and a place in this world for me to just be me. i do what i love to do. i can be someone else, myself, and whatever because of this. this made me who i am, and i love every second of it. i have lost many things along the way: relationships and my sanity, just to name a few. but it was way more than worth it…and it still it.

    TESTIFY…. cuz we started this opera shit… and no one is going to end it for us!!!

  18. Ah, Darren– this brings me back to the old days of crazy official chats, getting all riled up to go out and do something stupid, promotions and stunts and sheer craziness. I said it then and I’ll say it now– you missed your calling as a motivational speaker.

    The first time I saw this movie was at the Vegas Premier. I was there for the world’s first shadowcast, in Toronto. I was there for the last stop of Road Tour Three, and I’ve been there for every shadowcast I can manage. I think I’ve seen five, six… maybe more different casts now. It’s crazy, and fun, and it really means so much to see these casts, and what they’re doing.
    Repo helped me come out of my shell. Repo helped save some peoples’ lives. Repo brought strangers together and gave them people like themselves, after some of us had given up hope that kind of people existed. So when I go to my local cast, when I testify, I’m not just cheering on a movie. I’m not cheering on an event. I’m cheering on a family who, together, has beat ridiculous odds and is doing what we love, and helping others to do that too.
    Thank you for your part in creating it, and stay tuned, folks, you don’t want to move, folks… Cuz there’s more excitement coming.


  19. i love it when u talk about Repo! i love the movie and the songs nad i was evenBlind Mag 4 halloween! in fact, im gauduting this year, and we needed too pick a quote, and the quote i picked was ‘Chase the Morning, Yield for Nothing’ =)

  20. I think it’s funny that people sent you a Saw tattoo after three movies. I remember being at the PREMIERE of Repo, and at least three people ALREADY HAD REPO tattoos. In case you’re not getting my point, people were already so moved by the lyrics and community that they permanently etched Repo tattoos onto their bodies WITHOUT EVEN SEEING IT YET.

    I have to believe that, if you’re close to a Repo fan- or, in this case, creator- and still believe this movie is a flop, you must be intenionally ignorant. Let me put it this way:

    ‘Titanic’ is the highest-grossing movie of all time. It got Oscars, its theme was a hit, but after the DVD came out… what happened?

    Repo has been on DVD for the better part of a year, and it is still playing on silver screens. Why? Because fans DEMAND it. Instead of simply popping in the DVD and watching it, they want to experience it.

    It would be unfair to mention shadowcasts here, because not all films are shadowcast-friendly, but surely the fact that Repo fans (who are notoriously broke) have paid thousands of dollars to dress up as Repo characters says something? If not, then certainly the fact fans who, once again, own the DVD, have driven anywhere from ten minutes to ten hours to see it performed on screen?

    “Failure” is a funny word. When Hollywood execs use it, they clearly mean it in a financial sense. If somebody wrote a book that sold millions of copies, but most of the readers hated it, was it successful? I’m inclined to say no. Look at the “Movie” movies (also by Lionsgate.) Did anyone actually like Disaster Movie? Probably not. Did it make a lot more money than Repo? Absolutely.

    Now, if a book didn’t get a lot of press, but still managed to sell hundreds of thousands of copies, and most of the readers loved it to the point of devotion, was the book successful? That book would be Repo.

    Beyond the superficiality of show biz, the purpose of a movie is to entertain- with this in mind, Repo is a phenomenal success.

  21. REPO! was truly an amazing experience to view, Darren, I have complete faith in you and cannot wait for Mothers Day! Just keep making your fans happy, and you’ll never go wrong.

  22. Darren! I love how I get my tat on Thursday night then the very next day it’s on your blog! You, TZ, Darren, and Spooky are my heros! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again in the near future. My tat is the epilogue one btw. Thank you for being the coolest most fan friendly director ever!

  23. I LOVE REPO!!! Thanks Darren for sharing it with us all! I can’t get enough of it! I listen to the soundtrack NONSTOP!!!! I’d tell you my favorite song….but then I’d just be listing the ENTIRE soundtrack! I LOVE REPO! IT’S AWESOME!!!! Okay…I’m gonna go watch the movie (for the billionth time) 😉

  24. Wow~! First of all, what an insipiring and lovely post! Like others have said, it reminds me how much I love being apart of our estranged little Repo! Family. And all these tattoos? amazing! They just prove to me more and more that I do want my first tattoo to be Repo! related.

    But finally, I am honored beyond words to have my Amber picture posted in the blog. When Lindsay showed me this I was astounded beyond words. Thank you so very much.

    I put my heart and soul into that costume because damnit a movie as brilliant and influential to my life like Repo! deserves to be presented properly! Haha. But really. Thank you so much for this movie, for all your works and for still doing it! 😉

    <3 Kendall Antigone

  25. “To the world, I had created a failure of UWE BOLL proportions.”

    Honestly, that quote made my day.

    You are a wonderful director, and I know you’ll continue to make one fantastic film after another.

    Finally, now that Repo!’s exposure is wider, it seems like it would be a good time for a prequel/sequel! Maybe after Mother’s Day comes out, and makes a ridiculous amount of money, we would see another little opera? I’d love to show it in my city (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)!! How could I go about doing that?

    I love reading your wonderful blogs, and I am glad that this “is just the fucking beginning.”


    — Emily. xx

  26. I love your blog Darren. Thanks for putting my GeneCo bar code tattoo in your blog! I’ll have to send you a picture of my Saw tattoo as well. Repo! has really changed my life. Ever since joining The Repo! Treatment shadowcast and performing as Nathan, I have grown into a huge mega fan. Thanks for your work with both Repo! and Saw. TESTIFY!!! ^_^

  27. Yes it is just beginning <333 This was a wonderful blog <3 Repo has definately impacted my life and it's not like anything else out there; I can't say that about any other movie.

  28. I love that you’re still this passionate about this film. My daughter and I love this movie (and I will at some point be added to your “Hall of Tattoos”), and we had the pleasure of meeting you in Seattle. I will not soon forget what is was like to be part of such an enthusiastic crowd of liked-minded people, and I know my daughter will never forget meeting you and Terrance.

    If you can ever manage to wrangle a sequel, we’ll fight to be first in line!

  29. Amen Man! You are a true artist! Enjoy what you have helped create and let it take you to new places and new people. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away…Testify!

  30. That is amazing. The Repo! Revolution opened a lot of people’s eyes. I agree, this is just the beginning! 🙂

  31. Aw <3

    And yay for my tattoo already being in this blog!

    The 'Night Surgeon' in the fancy script is mine =D

    Anyway. Everything you wrote in this is so true. I will make sure to spread this post around.


  32. The Repo!Revolution has grown into something more than just a movie, and that is what makes it so great. You are a true artist, no matter what the mainstream thinks of Repo! and of you. You’re fucking amazing~ TESTIFY!

  33. sign of respect to ya darren. do have to say, i’ve never been a saw fan.. so haven’t seen your films, i haven’t seen repo nor mother’s day… but as an artist of different mediums myself and a huge fan of storytelling, i greatly respect your mindset, your focus and dedication to your art, keep with it. I think i’ll actually go out and check out repo now. just so as to see a little more of the ‘artist’ that created it.

  34. Yeah, Repo! is awesome. Thanks for still promoting it. By the way, I’m following you because I’m a fand of SAW and (!) Repo! 😉
    I really hope there will be more Repo! in the future. So much potential…

  35. Rock on! Those two genterns at the end look very, very familiar 😉 And we still do it because we LOVE repo as well my dear Darren! It’s an amazing project and I am surprised that people can’t see why you don’t distance yourself from it. How could anyone distance themselves from something that they worked so hard on and means so much to so many people? You have brought something amazing to us. 🙂 The song Genetic Emancipation means so much me by itself as well. My Mother actually struggled for years with drugs and severe depression and her father killed himself before I was born. I plan to have parts of the lyrics inked on myself to remind myself that “though the imprint is deep in me, it will always be up to me.”. Thank you all for that 🙂

    There are so many things about this movie to love and take away from it and there are such amazing aesthetics. I can’t even believe that you guys managed such amazing work on such a tight budget. I love rocking out to Repo in my car and having friends over who haven’t seen it so they can fall in love with it too, and they always do! 🙂

    Thanks again! Hope to catch you at a Shadowcast in Chicago at some point! We love you and we love Repo!

  36. ok, so i’ve been obsessed with this movie for a while…. i’ve watched it five times in the past two weeks. Being a horror movie fan since I was two (literally), I and most fans like me are tired of all the mainstream crap out there! It’s all the same and the remakes are ridiculous already! Repo! is something outside all that crap, I appreciate the movie and have been waiting for that sequel and prequel I keep hearing rumors about. Repo! is not a failure! Don’t get down just cause the big wigs didn’t accept it, they don’t know shit about good movies (especially good horror movies). So please continue this cult classic so we’re not only stuck with crappy remakes of classics and pg-13 ghost stories that all look the same.

  37. By the way, no offense on the remakes, I’m still bitter about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and am mainly complaining about that movie.

  38. I’ve been with Repo since July 2009. And this ride has been the best one of my life. There is nothing that could stop me loving this film.

    And on April 3rd this year, i think we proved that, by holding the first ever Shadow casting of Repo! The Genetic Opera, not only in the UK, but in EUROPE!

    Keep it going Darren, you’re an inspiration

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  40. All I have to say is TESTIFY!!!!!
    I have never had a movie effect me the way REPO! has.
    The box office #’s can suck it! Some people don’t get it-oh well their loss. They don’t get to feel the way us fans do and that makes me sad for them.
    I love my Repo! family-I love the movie-I love the music-I love you and TZ and everyone else for bringing this to us!
    I am a proud member of the shadow cast Things You See in a Graveyard and will TESTIFY until I die!!!
    A thousand thank yous <3 <3 <3

  41. DARREN!!!
    It breaks my heart when I see people discouraging others’ passions. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. REPO IS AMAZING and there is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER that it should EVER be “moved on” from, put away or forgotten about in any way, shape or form. You created something amazing out of your own imagination and people loved it, and they still love it!! I STILL LOVE IT. I always will!! I’m obsessed!! If other people don’t understand it, fine, but if they’re gonna try to discourage it then they can just shove it, honestly. You don’t need those kinds of people in your life. They’re probably resentful because THEY don’t have the capabilities to create something as amazing as Repo!! Keep doing what you love to do, myself and millions of others will always be behind you 100%!! REPO FOREVER. <3

    ~Ashley aka AMBER SWEET
    Phoenix, AZ

  42. REPO! is absolutely not over. I’m certainly not sick of hearing about R!TGO. I’m just dipping into the pool; I have yet to submerge myself. Maybe when amother RRT comes around, I will take every measure to be there and experience all of REPO! It’s a separate world there…

  43. Please stick with Repo! It’s freaking amazing! I’m completely addicted and I don’t think I will be getting over it any time soon!!!! This also really made me want to get a “Chase The Morning” tattoo. Repo! FTW!!

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