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The horror… Part 1

Posted on December 29th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in 1111, blog, general. 19 comments

I am a horror director… to many, including my family, that means that I am sick in the head…

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been asked…

“Have you been dropped on your head?”
“Did your parents lock you in the basement?”
“Were you abused?”

The answer to all the above questions is undoubtably… NO.

I don’t know if you would call me normal, but crazy I am not…

Recently, while researching this script, I was turned onto a variety of websites that explored various ‘dark’ religious practices and beliefs… The research led to dark corners, Satanism, cults, etc… Yet, most of what I was looking up rolled off my back, and was interesting but never scary… Having the love of horror has allowed me to see some pretty terrible things… All of them however, make-believe.

However, in my research of 11 11 11, I found myself becoming increasingly more and more unsettled… There was a point at which I got utterly depressed…

No longer was I researching horror movies, made-up monsters, or things that went bump in the night. I was seeing REAL people, doing really horrible things…

I am a poser…

I am not a killer or a psycho nor am I mentally damaged… I just like scary movies… I like Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Meyers… I like Jigsaw… I hate to shatter your perceptions of who you think I am… But I am just a dude who likes movies… Who owns a fluffy dog, and loves musicals…

Reading these websites, however, introduced me to a TRUE type of evil… It showed me something that seemed like works of fiction but were indeed FACT.

It got to a point that my wife FORCED me to stop digging… She pulled me from the rabbit hole. It wasn’t until weeks later that I truly saw how fucked up I really was…

The research led me to question everything… Not only my religious beliefs – but also the world around me…

Knowing what people are capable of… Human Nature at its worst…

While my studying fueled the story of my script – it also awakened a morbid curiosity inside of me…

WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE? I am not talking about religion, or aliens, or any other cryptozoology creature… I am talking about life in general… Reality… What exists out there in the world that I am not aware of? Could Angels exist? Demons? God? The Devil? Could there be more to the world that I am not aware of?  Or maybe there is truly nothing… Any of these possibilities fascinated me… But, at the same time, terrified me.

I finished the first draft of 11 11 11 without losing my mind – though at times I stepped into some very dark places… But my curiosity ended on the Web. Once I closed my computer and shut off the Internet I was transported back into the SANE NORMAL world in which I lived… My wife… My dog… Seinfeld.

Cut to today. Never in a million years would I have imagined that coming to Spain would bring me one step closer to the horrors I had read about online.

I would consider myself a rational and sane, thinking person… I try not to buy into outlandish concepts… But I can absolutely say, without pause or hesitation, that one of the locations we are using to shoot a big portion of the movie in is the scariest place I have ever been… Not scary in the BOO a ghost might pop out and scare us… Something much darker…

The horror director in me is amazed at the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, and work in a location that’s history seems as dark as any movie I have worked on… But there is another part of me that is apprehensive about allowing myself back down the rabbit hole I found myself dropped into some months back…

The thing that is bumming me out the most right now, as every day I come from work, and I call my parents, and friends, and want to talk about the crazy shit I have just seen or learned… And almost all of them feel it’s some ploy – or publicity to hype the film.  Instead of being taken by my experiences and research – they roll their eyes and say…

“Yeah, right…”

I will make you a promise right now my dear readers… these next series of blogs are NOT hype for the film, or fiction…

Now that we have gotten the preamble out of the way… Let’s talk about the house…  The main location were we will be shooting 11 11 11.

But, that will have to wait until my next blog.


  • malkatz

    This is fascinating… it is funny how art influences life, imitates life, and vice verse.

    I’m sorry you went through everything you wrote about here, but to me it just says how passionate you are about the project- an artist loses a bit of sanity to each masterpiece.

  • http://mylivetube.blogspot.com Shok

    I hope you and Laura have a lovely Happy New Year!
    Maybe we can hang sometime before 2012.

  • http://Www.christopherbirk.com Christopher Birk

    How amazing is this! And I thought I was the only one where 11:11 seemed to have some weird, almost scary tendency to bother me everywhere. It freaks me out and I SO want to see a movie about it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bilfy Mike F

    This is crazy, the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about studying human suffering, inspired by Martyrs. Too understand alittle more and to open and toughen my mind. One thing that is hard to watch for me is real fights. Not UFC, like shitty camera work on the streets fights. I have been considering watching alot of those to kind of break my mental wall of what disturbs me. Of course, there is alot worse but in a way I look at that as suffering. Just good to know that theres someone out there, who did sort of the same thing and is making a movie about it!

    Add me on

  • djblack1313

    Darren, lol! i too have been asked those “Have you been dropped on your head?”
    “Did your parents lock you in the basement?”
    “Were you abused?”
    so i am with you on that! lol. and forgive initial skepticism but i admit to thinking “this is just PR/hype” (not personal against you. i’m a tiny bit burned out from folks like, for example, the Brad Fuller/Platinum Dunes “this F13 uncut dvd is going to be like a different movie!” (and it wasn’t) type of hype. lol. but i don’t think this about you or the movie after reading your blog! actually i’m starting to get very excited for the movie. it sounds like it’s going to have a lot of atmosphere and overall creepiness. which is awesome! i look forward to reading more and more on your new movie.

    p.s. and you seem like a very friendly, nice guy! and your dog is ADORABLE! :)

  • Jorge

    Thanks for sharing your experience working on 11-11-11.
    I can’t wait to read your next blog.
    I am a huge horror movie fan and I happen to be from Spain. Just out of curiosity: where are you shooting? If you can’t tell, I’ll understand.
    Good luck making 11-11-11!

  • Caganer

    What happens in that house?

  • http://aol mama bosserman

    love your blog

  • http://aol mama bosserman

    i’m a real person

  • Thefinalsaw

    Cannot wait for the next blog! I haven’t really been following your blogs but I think I might have to start. 11-11-11 sounds insane. Thanks for all of this!!

  • gina

    You have a great wife. While I’ve never been interested in horror movies (not because I scare easily; but, because I know evil revels in things of that nature, and I’d rather stay away from it–even if it is ‘just a movie’), I was interested in reading your steps of intrigue into learning about such things. Like you, I enjoy searching and researching in order to learn and understand…especially when I know there’s something to be grasped.

    Spiritual darkness and warfare are very real. Demons, angels, God, satan — in fact, the greatest forces are not humans; but, the rulers, authorities, and powers in the heavenly realms — whether of darkness or of light.

    Be careful – if you don’t have a strong faith and stand in God, you can be pulled under.

  • Diego

    Oh España and its abnormality and quite strange places…perhaps you are in Bélmez de la Moraleda?
    or is it Santiago Compostela?
    If you are indeed in Bélmez…believe the secret, heed the warnings, beware the prophecy. you are stepping into old sacred ground, invoking forces that you will never understand, ignoring sacred rites and stepping on temples that should not be found…

  • Connie

    Your blog has been fascinating so far. I can’t wait to hear more about the locations you are filming at in Spain..I can see why you would be creeped out, I have been to places that many people believe are haunted.Mostly Northern State in Sedro Woolley Wa, from 1911 to the late 70’s, it was a state owned mental institution. Now it is a job corps, and I have known a lot of people who were students there who had wierd experiences.And, before I got a car, I used to ride the bus to work, I was living in Sedro Woolley at the time, and the bus always stopped at Northern State for about 5 minutes..There were a few times I got wierd vibes sitting there, waiting for the driver to pick up the students. That kind of thing can be pretty creepy..But I am interested to hear about those locations in Spain and the history behind them.

  • Matt Webber

    wow. sounds truly scary. god speed bro.

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  • http://thebeautifullygrotesque.blogspot.com/ Sylvia

    “WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE? I am not talking about religion, or aliens, or any other cryptozoology creature… I am talking about life in general… Reality… What exists out there in the world that I am not aware of? Could Angels exist? Demons? God? The Devil? Could there be more to the world that I am not aware of? Or maybe there is truly nothing… Any of these possibilities fascinated me… But, at the same time, terrified me.”

    by far the most Sincere and honest paragraph, these concerns and curiosities usually are never really revealed by individuals for fear of seeming paranoid or a sensationalist. the fact of the matter if you reeeally think of it of all the POSSIBILITIES the one that is most TERRIFYING is the fact that NOTHINGNESS can actually be IT.
    that this existence that we live IS the end all be all. once that concept becomes a possibility in our minds eye our very existence changes you begin to question EEEEVERYTHING. its a rude awakening indeed.

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