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The Horror…IV

Posted on February 6th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in 1111, blog. 14 comments

First off, shooting on 11 11 11 is going AMAZING!  I am getting killer footage, and I truly think this will be the scariest film I have done!

The more of these blogs I write, the more I begin to question my own sanity for writing them. I am at a point now where I am beginning to censor myself, because I feel that no one will believe the words I am writing.

A writer for a horror site emailed me after my last blog: “Great build up for the movie… Awesome viral stuff…”

Already some of my fans things this is some marketing ploy…I too would think this was all some hoax if were not here, seeing the things I am seeing.

Sadly, it’s not viral… My blog has maybe a thousand faithful readers. Nowhere near enough to make this story ‘viral’.

It is real… It’s up to you if you choose to believe me…

This to me is more of an online diary. I know I may never have these type of experiences again, so I thought it made sense to put them out here for you to read…

I left off my last blog with my assistant Carlos finding a hole inside a wall, and deciding to go inside it.

He did not find a dead body, or a monster from “The Descent.” But, what he found was a cavern of other holes and archways all buried behind the wall…

He spent about six minutes inside before becoming sick and having to exit…

No one in the crew has since returned to the hole, though I am sure before shooting wraps, someone will go back.

We have now been shooting in the house for two weeks.

I, personally, have yet to see anything ‘unexplainable,’ but we have had some very upsetting injuries.

The first night at the house, the second AD, Leo, fell while walking to set and broke his ankle…

The script supervisor, Joana had to go to the hospital the second night in the house after falling violently ill.

Last week, Jota (on set props) was standing still during a take when a light suddenly fell from the ceiling, hitting him on the head…

Three instances that can all be written off as coincidence, sure… But these injuries came out of nowhere… We weren’t doing stunts… or crazy antics… No… these crew members were simply “walking around the house”.

I was READY to write everything off until this weekend, when my parents came in from Kansas to visit me… My mom is addicted to the internet… She has been faithfully following my blogs, and having heard the stories now for MONTHS about my uneasiness surrounding this location, she was super excited to see for herself the house, and the mysteries I speak of in these blogs…

and YES – they do have a Cameo in the movie!

Two hours after my parents arrived at the location, my dad became very ill and spent the remainder of the day back at the hotel being ‘sick’…

Again, sure, it’s all a coincidence, one very strange coincidence… Right?

Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with the macabre… I have dreamed of seeing a ghost, a UFO, some other worldly being… Why? I love the idea that we are not alone… that MAYBE there is more to this world that we can comprehend, or are prepared to believe…
Sadly, if these things exist, they have been elusive and have remained outside of my reality…

That being said – this trip, this movie, this location has brought me one step closer to believing that there are things that exist outside of our level of understanding…

About four days ago, one of the producers on the film came down to video village… He stood there for a couple of minutes… White as a sheet… After a long and uncomfortable silence, one of the crew members said, “What?”

The producer pulled the crew member aside… They immediately began speaking Spanish…

Whatever was being said was serious, and passionate…

The producer left set for the day… That night I asked the crew member, what that was about…

“He saw something…”


“Ask him…”

The next day, I anxiously awaited for the producer to arrive back on set so I could get to the bottom of WHAT he saw…

However, to my disappointment when he arrived to set, and I tried to prod… He did not want to talk about it… He seemed, embarrassed…

“It was nothing… don’t worry about it!” – he was not a good liar…

That to me is scarier than his telling me… “I saw a ghost…”

He didn’t want to worry me… OR he didn’t want me to think he was crazy…

Regardless, he saw something, and it affected him so much that he left set…


What is making so many people sick on set? Dust? no… we had the air tested… Mold? No, not that either…

Today the production designer came up to me… “Well, we found something you might want to see…”

“What” “A hole in the wall… with a rolled up scroll in it…”

As the production designer and I were staring at this weird scroll, with strange writing that we still can’t figure out WHERE it’s from, or WHAT it says, a neighbor walked over to us…

“Shooting a movie?” he asked…


“The house sure has stories…”

“What kind of stories?”

“Maybe ones you don’t want to hear…”

How does one respond to that?

There are only 7 days left of filming… I would be lying if I said I am not going to be relieved getting out of this location…

I will miss the city, and the new friends I have met… But it’s been a long and tough shoot…

That all being said – I think the uneasiness of being in this ‘strange’ place has helped me and the film… The footage is looking incredible.

Tomorrow we start NIGHTS in the location…

If this much crazy stuff has been happening during the day time, I look forward to what the night brings…


14 thoughts on “The Horror…IV

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  3. Sorry, friend, the only demons that exist are those in the human mind. We see things like this, ghosts specifically, because we want to see them. Our mind works, whether consciously or unconsciously, to create those images for us so we can reconcile the problem of an afterlife. I’m not going to say there isn’t an afterlife (because I don’t know), but I will say there are no ghosts. We create them to help up cope with the question of what happens when we die.

    Strange things just happen. There’s no reason or rhyme to life. Life is random. It sounds like you encountered a lot of strange things, but I can assure you ghosts had nothing to do with it.

    Can’t wait to see your film.

    • SHUT UP! How do you know? What makes you think you are an expert of what people can see and what they cannot see? It’s people like you that have no clue what is real or not and is scared to death to think that there may actually be something that can not be explained and is afraid to admit we may not be alone.

  4. Fly me to your first viewing of the movie I wanna see! Its always going to sound like an actual part of your whole ploy to me, but I want to believe and I think I might. After you are done you should get the Ghost Hunters in there! If they say its haunted that would get more people interested!

    I hope you find a small hidden closet filled with dolls…

  5. Are you guys documenting what’s happenning on film? Because it should be a part of the extra features when the Dvd comes out!

  6. SO excited for your next blog. I feel like I have this to tide me over while I anxiously await Mother’s Day and 1111(:

  7. Hey creator of this movie,

    to me all what you tell seems very true.

    there are evil forces as there must be good ones.

    There is an evil spirit in that house, and he feels u are not bad people. The fact he feels u are good people, makes his power very weak to positive minds.

    If u were negative really bad i guess he would be able to make u see more. (like the guy from the crew who saw something wich is true but doesn’t want to talk about it?)

    Oh and at last, by making “FEAR” creating (yeah ur movies and all the horrorfilms u create induce FEAR in the mind) movies. (or at least could)

    U have to be conscious of the effects of your actions. Movies talking about Love and Peace is what people need, but NO movie like that exists.
    Because it’s the DEVIL who is in Power manipulating world minds (not all 😉 to think with fear instead of love.

    U are serving the guy u are scared of. (SATAN)

    Ever heard about SATANIC churches? the blasphemy to GOD ?<-the one who gave the earth to everybody to enjoy it for FREE. (until satanic thinkers took power and corrupted the minds of the sons of god)

    The good thing is that u can actually change side instantaneously. GOD OR SATAN. Love or Fear, U choose.

    anyway i love to see u enjoying with passion.

  8. If think you have to stop. Now.
    There’s something evil at the house,
    and you came out it for us.
    You’ll open the gate.
    You have the key.
    You are the responsible.
    Every person who will see the movie will be affected.
    Think about.
    You’re just a vassalo.
    You’ll never be se same after this film.
    It’s not Jigsaw, or UFO’s, or ghost.
    Think about.
    Have sense.
    But you if want go ahead… go.
    But you’ll hake to pay the price.
    Good luck.

  9. Hey! I believe in whatever you are saying.
    There is demon in this world, as well as God.
    11.11 is actually a sign that represents the illuminati.
    They have been around since very long ago and
    are influencing almost every part of our lives.
    9-11 and the recent Japan disasters were already predicted long time ago through the illuminati card game. You can check it out.
    Anyway, be safe, as all these places are dark..

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