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Asking one to believe in the Paranormal is a like asking a scholar to abandon common sense, and logical reasoning.

(Hopefully before reading this blog you have checked out BLOG 1 )

I was brought up in the Midwest in a normal household, in a normal neighborhood, with normal ideals.

My parents raised me in a somewhat religious household – but never tried to force their beliefs down my throat. They let me, and dare I say, encouraged me to research and come to my own conclusions.

I was always drawn to the macabre.  I always found myself more drawn to FREDDY KRUEGER than let’s say PETE ROSE.

That being said – I was always able to separate – FACT from FICTION… Freddy Krueger was just ROBERT ENGLUND in makeup…

As I grew up, and started making movies – I saw what went in to creating fantasy and fiction.

It wasn’t long before I got jaded, and began to stop believing anything.

ANYTHING can be hoaxed, faked, or staged.

Ghostly encounters on YOUTUBE are nothing more than mirrors and Aftereffects.

UFO pictures floating around the web are just clever Photoshopping.

The point is, if one goes looking for an explanation for the unexplained – eventually you will find something that makes sense for you, and allow YOU to sleep more comfortably at night…

FREDDY KRUER is only scary until you realize it’s just Robert England.

Now, when presented with the unexplained — I search for the explanation.


The first video I will show you guys is a daily from the film.

This is a take where our two leads are outside the house talking about being in Spain.

It was the editor who brought this take to my attention.  At first viewing – nothing caught my eye.  Then, the editor pointed out the back three windows.

If you notice as they are talking – the back three windows RAISE UP.

Ok… So what?

For starters – those are not just window shades you can open and close.

The shades in this house are WODDEN CURTAINS.  Not thin wooden curtains – but HEAVY, LARGE WOODEN BOARDS.

Also – the curtains are not on the inside of the window – but instead, on the OUTSIDE of the window.  However, each WINDOW SHADE has its own pulley system on the INSIDE of the window.

So, if you wanted to open the shade – you had to use a pulley system located next to the window…

Now, to complicate matters – THE SECOND FLOOR window shades were broken…

The pulley systems no longer worked – so if you wanted to pull the shade up – you had to physically STAND in front of the window and yank on a chain, then RETIE the chain back to the wall.  There was NO WAY to lock the window shade in place.  Meaning – if you pulled the drape up – it had to be tied back down OR the drape would slam closed.

To put this in perspective… If one person wanted to open all three drapes, he would have to untie the chain from the wall, pull the chain, then RETIE it back to the wall or the window shade would completely drop down.  Each shade would take maybe 20 to 30 seconds to operate.

There are three windows – three broken pulley systems – so it would take roughly 60 seconds to OPEN and TIE DOWN the windows.

In this video it takes exactly 7 seconds…   On top of that – the only way to open the windows are by standing in front of them…

For this to have happened – – It would have taken THREE CREW members, each one at their own window – and a coordinated plan… WHICH is entirely possible…

I am ready to say I was being punked.  And, maybe that is the case…  But, when I am ready to write this off, I notice RIGHT AFTER the three windows open, a ‘black mass’ quickly passes by the TOP THREE WINDOWS on the top story. Now that I can’t explain…

Freddy Krueger is just Robert Englund – so what is the explanation going on with these windows?

Below is the clip in question… make sure to watch it full screen! Looking forward to all of your thoughts!

Check back soon for the next blog… THE CULT.


BACKGROUND SHADES from D Bousman on Vimeo.



  1. Crazy!! Your sure nobody was in the House at the time of filming?? Since your into conspiracies n stuff check out Phil Shneider youtube lectures about Area 51 n stuff.. perdy crazy. Dude was strangled in his house shortly after. And im guessing since your in Spain at some creepy ancient house, its likely its haunted.

  2. Darren, if you watch above the female lead right before she is does speaking, there is a shadow that moves from the left window to the right window as if someone is walking. BUT there is no one there. Do you see this or am I seeing things?


  3. I see it too Steve, very insane footage. Forget Paranormal Activity packed with jump scares. You captured something genuine.

  4. Wow.. That is creepy… Weird how they individually shot up so fast.. Can’t wait for November..

    By the way, the footage looks amazing.. I’m really looking forward to this Darren!!

  5. Wow that is some excellent footage! I must investigate this house! or write about it. Follow me on Twitter: @jps8455!

  6. faker than a fake elvis at a fake elvis impersonation competition.

    pfff man i hope your directorial skills are better than your observational skills.

    obvious CGI.

    nice bit of viral advertising wont hurt the movie i bet, lulz. marketing 101. next

    • Yea because they would spend the money to make such real looking CGI in a scene about a movie that has nothing to do with ghosts or the paranormal. Nice, theory there bud.

  7. Just wondering why all of your videos have been removed or taken down from Vimeo? Is there anyway that you might be able to reupload them or is there by chance ANOTHER blog or website that you might have posted it at?

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