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Posted on August 24th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Mother's Day. 14 comments


Okay, so many, MANY of you have been reaching out to me screaming, “WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH MOTHER’S DAY?!?!?!?”

I have been screaming that exact question for months as well, and I KNOW what is happening with Mother’s Day. (I kid, I kid)

First off, let’s dispel some rumors.

NO, Mother’s Day is not going STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. We will be released in theaters.

NO, it’s not ONLY going to be in a handful of theaters. Mother’s Day will be IN YOUR CITY and AT YOUR THEATER.

And, NO, we are not coming out in the next couple of months.

Things that ARE REAL…

The movie has been bought and the company loves the film. We are now just putting our campaign together. There will be months of silence and then an explosion of content.

Actually, I tell you what… You have all been waiting SOOOOO patiently for a trailer, a poster, THE MOVIE…. With patience comes reward… In this case – your reward shall be a smoking hot picture of Annette aka Briana Evigan!!!   Briana’s character in the movie does a little ‘modeling’ – so to help you connect with Annette more – let’s meet her, shall we?

Ok, back on track…

The world never moves as fast as you want it to. Hollywood REALLY doesn’t move as fast as I want it to…

But the long and short of it is this: Mother’s Day is in a VERY good place.

We have screened the movie for a handful of genre press and have had nothing but glowing reviews…  (below are some of early thoughts)






and, for all you French speaking fan’s. ( I have no idea what the review says, but hopefully it is good)


This is the most proud I have been as a director, as I truly believe this is my strongest work to date. The movie is horrific, dark, and extremely emotional. The cast knocked it out of the park, and I can truly say with a straight face there is not a weak performance in the movie.  I used blood and gore in SAW to cause fear.  In Mother’s Day, I just used the cast and their amazing performances.

So the million dollar question – What is the hold up?

Trust me, if I could show you Mother’s Day tomorrow I would… In fact, come on over to casa de Bousman and I will do a backyard screening!

The reality is Mother’s Day was made ‘outside’ the studio system.  Truly independent.

With Saw, or REPO! when we filmed the movie we had Lions Gate already behind us. We had a release date, and the campaign for its release was underway while we were still filming!

Mother’s Day was a different beast. We didn’t show the movie to anyone until the film was completely done, score and all!

Now enters the ‘business’ side of the movie ‘BUSINESS’: negotiations, contracts, lawyers etc, etc.   Once the contracts are done, the ‘plan’ begins… How we promote, the marketing material, choosing a date, etc… It’s not as simple as saying MOVIES DONE, let’s release it… There are about a million moving parts, and they all have to move in unison.

I am as anxious for you all to see the flick as you are! Maybe more!  I am so proud of the film, it’s performances, and the feeling it leaves you with when you walk out of the cinema.

In the next few months the tides will change, the campaign will begin and trailers will emerge (maybe more pictures of Annette as well).

In the mean time, check out our updated website (www.mothersdaythemovie.com).

Go rent the original TROMA classic.

But more important, REST ASSURED, Mother will be coming home very soon!


14 thoughts on “THE FATE OF MOTHERS DAY!

    • DLB,

      You have nothing to worry about. This movies is going to be amazing as the rest of your movies are. I am glad to say I am your fan. You care for your movies like no other director does. You breath life into movies like no other. I’ve wanted to see this movies since I found out you were making it. You are one of my heroes and best believe I’ll be there on opening day!
      Much love,

  1. I’m excited to see it, but understand all that is in the process. I must explain that myself several times a week to people. Having followed the status of Mothers Day with a few peoples updates, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. Keep up the great work!

  2. Good Lord, that shot of Briana is… um…

    HEY! RIGHT ON!!! Congrats on selling the film… Frankly, I think you should wait for MD2011 to release… But that’s me.

    (And seriously Darren, backyard viewing party – I’ll get my ass south for that).

    • i can’t wait to see this movie , specially that Briana is one of the cast 😀 and about the french review, don’t worry , they say it’s gonna be excellent and it may be one of the better horror movies of the year ! that’s what they expect , so the french review is so good

  3. My level of anticipation just keeps amping up!

    I was already a fan of Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood, Warren Kole from Pick Me Up, Briana Evigan from Sorority Row, and Patrick Flueger from Kill Theory.

    And this summer I’ve become a fan of Frank Grillo from The Gates.

    I’m glad to hear that the performances are the heart of this movie. It’s performances that I’ll remember after a movie, not the gore!

  4. I don’t think we will be seeing this one in the theatre any time soon. They don’t make movies and then sit on them, the money men want a return on their investment. This movie will go straight to DVD or movie of the week on cable.

    • There was no “money men” The film was independently made. So it was picked up after it was made. Did you even read what Bousman said?

  5. Hey, Your a great Director, and im SUPER excited to see this movie. I was lucky enough to watch you Direct, in small town Beausejour, and even prouder to say i made money on this movie,
    One scen was shot in my Field. Hey DLB, come do a Screening In Beausejour, I’d Love it man!!!!

  6. Hey Levi, how do you think they paid for all the cast and crew that worked on this movie. There was money on this film from start to finish that had to come from somewhere. Who put up the cash for the production of the film? How will they get their money back? From what I have heard this movie has not been picked up by anyone and I don’t think it will.

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