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20th June

Asking one to believe in the Paranormal is a like asking a scholar to abandon common sense, and logical reasoning.

The Horror…IV

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6th February

First off, shooting on 11 11 11 is going AMAZING!  I am getting killer footage, and I truly think this will be the scariest film I have done!

The more of these blogs I write, the more I begin to question my own sanity for writing them. I am at a point now where I am beginning to censor myself, because I feel that no one will believe the words I am writing.

The Horror II

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6th January

(if you have not already, check out PART 1 of this blog series here)

There are some things we experience in life that defy description… I can sit down at my computer – arrange some flowery words and hope that I make a modicum of sense.

The truth is – we EACH make up our OWN reality – what makes sense for me, might not make sense for you…  What scares me, might not scare you… It is what makes each of us unique, different, and individual.