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17th June

It has been a long time since I have blogged about my newest film, 11 11 11…

I think after returning from Spain – I needed some time to just step back and get my head on straight…

Some of you, I am sure, were following my adventures in what I proclaimed to be the MOST HAUNTED PLACE I had ever been…

Some of you however called Shenanigans, and thought it was all hype…

11 11 11 Teaser

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13th February

I was going to wait to post this blog upon wrapping the picture… But I couldn’t wait any longer to let you glimpse at my newest flick “11 11 11”.

The Horror…IV

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6th February

First off, shooting on 11 11 11 is going AMAZING!  I am getting killer footage, and I truly think this will be the scariest film I have done!

The more of these blogs I write, the more I begin to question my own sanity for writing them. I am at a point now where I am beginning to censor myself, because I feel that no one will believe the words I am writing.

Mothers Day…

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19th January

I have been told that making a movie is a lot like having a kid…

The emotions… The ups, the downs…

You birth this project – and raise it… It becomes a part of you… And then, at some point you push it out into the world, hoping it finds its way…


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27th September

Mother’s Day ended at 3am early Friday morning at it’s first public screening in Austin, TX.

As I walked in the lobby, I knew something was amiss as I saw some friends of mine, turn and hurriedly walk out of the theater.

My wife and I saw a good friend of ours standing by himself, someone who I had snuck into the sold out screening…

“Well?” I asked, hoping for a high five, or at least a thumbs up.

He looked at me, meekly shook his head.  “I kind of hated it.”

My heart dropped… As I stood there, taking in his five word review – a critic walked up to me threw his arm around my shoulder!  “Fucking BRILLIANT – Dude, this is your BEST FILM!!!”