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COMIC CON 2012…Contest Winners

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25th July

Fans make the world go round…

For those of you who have been to Comic-Con, I need not tell you how exhausting and overwhelming the entire experience is.


It is a celebration of all things… well… cool.   Comic books, horror movies, big summer blockbusters, toys, and let us not forget scantily clad Princess Leias.


And the time has come…

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3rd May

Time does not change us… It just unfolds us.
Max Frish


On Friday May 4th, my film Mother’s Day is released in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

A few days later, the movie is released on DVD. (preorder it here)

It seems like a lifetime ago that I shot Mother’s Day.

In reality it was just 3 years ago…


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27th September

Mother’s Day ended at 3am early Friday morning at it’s first public screening in Austin, TX.

As I walked in the lobby, I knew something was amiss as I saw some friends of mine, turn and hurriedly walk out of the theater.

My wife and I saw a good friend of ours standing by himself, someone who I had snuck into the sold out screening…

“Well?” I asked, hoping for a high five, or at least a thumbs up.

He looked at me, meekly shook his head.  “I kind of hated it.”

My heart dropped… As I stood there, taking in his five word review – a critic walked up to me threw his arm around my shoulder!  “Fucking BRILLIANT – Dude, this is your BEST FILM!!!”



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24th August


Okay, so many, MANY of you have been reaching out to me screaming, “WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH MOTHER’S DAY?!?!?!?”

I have been screaming that exact question for months as well, and I KNOW what is happening with Mother’s Day. (I kid, I kid)


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9th April

All great things, must eventually come to an end…

Today is our last ‘official’ mix day on MOTHER’S DAY.