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A SAW by any other name…

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25th January

I like to pride myself on being proactive… Both in my career and my life… however I have been anything but proactive when it comes to my blog.

I guess I get overwhelmed with how many thoughts I have in a day and instead of just focusing on ONE thought and blogging about it, I shut down.

My News Year’s resolution is to blog more… Not that any really cares what I have to say, but it’s cathartic…   I have grown tired of telling Ninja and Chance all of my innermost thoughts…

Truth be told, I am sure they have grown tired of hearing them.


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16th July

STOP READING: First catch up on the previous blogs:

My short film ZOMBIE was met with a cold, to lukewarm response… To me that was EXCITING as hell, as all my previous short films where UNWATCHABLE – the mere fact that ANYBODY was able to sit through THIS short film was nothing short of a success on my part…

It was also exciting to me… On a Thursday, I had no short film… On a Sunday I had produced, written, directed, and edited MY OWN short film.

A Brief Lesson in History

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25th February


December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor was bombed…

July 21, 1969 – The first man walked on the moon…

August 16, 1977 – Elvis Prestley died…

November 9, 1989 – The Berlin Wall fell…

The following year, 1990,  Vanilla Ice would release his opus of an album “TO THE EXTREME”

These dates are cold, hard facts… They are history… All one needs to do is go to any library or local search engine and you are provided with pages upon pages, of information commemorating these truths. I call them ‘truths’ as they are undisputed realities, backed up with hundreds, if not thousands of ‘proofs’ surrounding the events.