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And the time has come…

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3rd May

Time does not change us… It just unfolds us.
Max Frish


On Friday May 4th, my film Mother’s Day is released in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

A few days later, the movie is released on DVD. (preorder it here)

It seems like a lifetime ago that I shot Mother’s Day.

In reality it was just 3 years ago…

Mothers Day…

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19th January

I have been told that making a movie is a lot like having a kid…

The emotions… The ups, the downs…

You birth this project – and raise it… It becomes a part of you… And then, at some point you push it out into the world, hoping it finds its way…


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27th September

Mother’s Day ended at 3am early Friday morning at it’s first public screening in Austin, TX.

As I walked in the lobby, I knew something was amiss as I saw some friends of mine, turn and hurriedly walk out of the theater.

My wife and I saw a good friend of ours standing by himself, someone who I had snuck into the sold out screening…

“Well?” I asked, hoping for a high five, or at least a thumbs up.

He looked at me, meekly shook his head.  “I kind of hated it.”

My heart dropped… As I stood there, taking in his five word review – a critic walked up to me threw his arm around my shoulder!  “Fucking BRILLIANT – Dude, this is your BEST FILM!!!”



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24th August


Okay, so many, MANY of you have been reaching out to me screaming, “WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH MOTHER’S DAY?!?!?!?”

I have been screaming that exact question for months as well, and I KNOW what is happening with Mother’s Day. (I kid, I kid)


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22nd March

So excited, today we begin the final stage of MOTHER’S DAY! The DI and Sound Mix.

This week, myself, the DP Joe White, and editor Hunter Via will sit in complete darkness and color correct the movie.

It’s already making such a HUGE difference to the overall mood of the film.

Basically, in DI which stands for Digital Intermediate – which gives us the ability to create looks that were just not possible when shooting the movie.  We have more control over color, contrast, saturation, etc…