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26th June

If you are following me on any social networking sites, odds are you have seen the countless pictures I have been posting from The Vans Warped Tour.

Last week, Emilie Autumn and I, with about 15 others, set off on the road for an incredible journey that no series of photos can accurately define.  What started out as an experiment turned to an EXPERIENCE and ended in an adventure of discovery, friendship, and more importantly, inspiration.

A SAW by any other name…

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25th January

I like to pride myself on being proactive… Both in my career and my life… however I have been anything but proactive when it comes to my blog.

I guess I get overwhelmed with how many thoughts I have in a day and instead of just focusing on ONE thought and blogging about it, I shut down.

My News Year’s resolution is to blog more… Not that any really cares what I have to say, but it’s cathartic…   I have grown tired of telling Ninja and Chance all of my innermost thoughts…

Truth be told, I am sure they have grown tired of hearing them.

A Family Affair

26th October

A Family Affair 

My life has been relegated to boxes… thousands, and thousands, and thousands of boxes.  Boxes and labels, don’t get me started on the fucking labels.


This week THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL was released to the world.  DVD/ NETFLIX/ iTUNES/ HOT TOPIC/ the list goes on and on.


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20th June

Asking one to believe in the Paranormal is a like asking a scholar to abandon common sense, and logical reasoning.


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17th June

It has been a long time since I have blogged about my newest film, 11 11 11…

I think after returning from Spain – I needed some time to just step back and get my head on straight…

Some of you, I am sure, were following my adventures in what I proclaimed to be the MOST HAUNTED PLACE I had ever been…

Some of you however called Shenanigans, and thought it was all hype…