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REPO MEN opens this weekend

Posted on March 16th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Repo! The Genetic Opera. 7 comments

So – I have had about 10,000 facebook requests asking me if I plan on seeing REPO MEN this weekend.

The answer is simple… YES

This last year has been full of up’s and down’s- tons of drama surrounding trailer similarities, poster similarities, etc…

At times I let ‘drama’ get the best of me…

Every time I see their trailer, I can’t help but shutter… Because the whole thing hits so close to home…

But, I urge all the REPO! The Genetic Opera fan’s out there – see the movie, don’t bash it – do the opposite – support it!

The best thing for Repo! is REPO MEN being a success… As it will bring attention back on our little opera.

REPO! has fought so hard for one thing, acceptance.  It is so easy to look at a movie, no, a ROCK OPERA featuring Paris Hilton and make fun… Write off… Laugh at…  I do not want to be the ones on the outside laughing, pointing fingers, judging like so many did to us.. We were the ones a while back being bullied. I do not want to be the ones bullying. I don’t want our film to be apart of name calling and non-acceptance

I am seeing more and more of you sticking up for Repo!, and supporting us, and trust me, it means more than you will never know. Just please do it in the right way, and leave drama and name calling out of it!

In the end, this is all about art, and wanting to create something great! Use this Fridays release to celebrate how far we have come. This weekend, Repo! The Genetic Opera is playing in over 20 cities.

I wish Repo Men continued luck on their journey!


7 thoughts on “REPO MEN opens this weekend

  1. True, i am going to see the free preview today and I will be wearing my Repo Man Costume, not in protest of “Repo Men”, but in celebration of Repo! The Genetic Opera. I am going to tell people of the Opera and how they should watch it if they already haven’t. Let the masses decide from them self, I know where my heart is, in the hands of the True, Singing, Repo Man.

  2. I understand and agree with this, but I still don’t understand how you aren’t at least exploring some kind of action that would loudly state that this movie is a complete rip-off of our REPO!

    I, too, feel cheated and frustrated every time I see the commercial, a poster, anything to do with this copycat of my favorite movie/operatic event of all time.It’s difficult for us fans to not see you guys taking any action but the high road.

    Just because we are the “underdog” (but not really) doesn’t mean that we should act like underdogs. Real Repo Men DO sing, and they f*cking rock!

  3. It is all about the art, at the end of the day. Or it should be. I’ve been inspired by REPO! and have taken the same attitude with my new book. Build it right, and they will come.

    I’ll see Repo Men, and best of luck to my actions bringing REPO! back to light.

  4. i think this a great idea, but im still not going to see it, sorry but it just doesn’t look very good and personally im still mad

  5. Well, I haven’t seen Repo Men, nor will I for some time, since I live in Brazil and the movie won’t come to theaters anytime soon. But, I do feel very curious after having seen the whole fuzz on imdb. I stumbled upon Repo! the genetic opera by accident and well, I quite liked it….I don’t quite know how the copyright works in such situations, but I bet my whole livelihood that if the situation was inverted (big money maker hollywood production introduces the idea first and then it appears on a more low-budget indie production) you guys would get sued out of your pants.. So taking the high road may be commendable and all, but I don’t see any justice in it.

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