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Posted on March 2nd, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Mother's Day. 8 comments


Hell yeah!

What does this mean? Does it mean the movie is done… No… Not even close.

What this means is the PICTURE is locked in the place. All the edits are now concrete.

It has been one VERY LONG editing process.

I have been in the edit room – pretty much around the clock for the last three months. I have seen my wife very little – and worse even, my editor has not seen his 19 month kid… At all, I mean, he still doesn’t even know if its a girl or boy… worse yet, he’s not sure if it’s even his.

This is not uncommon. With both SAW, and REPO – I worked long days. But not like ‘Mother’s Day’ long days.

This was border line insanity.

My amazing editor, Hunter Via, also edited Frank Darabonts THE MIST. So he was no stranger to this genre of film.

A funny side story – Hunter and I went to film school at FULL SAIL way back in the day. Hunter produced and edited my very first short film BUTTERFLY DREAMS, as well as edited my next short film IDENTITY LOST.

It was amazing being able to re-team with Hunter after all of these years.

On a given week we would pull 70+ hours.

As I said in an earlier blog – what made this movie so tricky was the amount of characters – keeping track of them all, and keeping them alive on screen.

Now we move on to the next stage of the game – sound design, music composition, and color correction.

This whole process will take another 5 weeks.

THEN, we are done…

Even though we are not yet at the finish line, I feel a HUGE weight lifted our shoulders.

The movie rocks. The edit is amazing… And I couldn’t be more proud of what we  have created.

I can’t wait to start showing this baby to studios. (we have yet to screen the movie for potential buyers).

A big congrats to my fellow partners on this, THE GENRE COMPANY, LIGHTTOWER ENTERTAINMENT and of course, the man, the myth, the legend Brett Ratner!

“Stay tuned folks… you don’t want to move folks… Cause there’s more excitement coming!!!!!”


  • Chris Hernandez

    I have been waiting for this movie since you announced it! – I can’t wait to see the finished product, with such great cast & crew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/EarlMcWhite Tyler Adkins

    Awesome! I can’t wait for this. I love your work so far, both Saw and Repo (though Repo is undoubtedly a project of love that will never again be matched by another group of filmmakers such as you, Darren S, and Terrance). I’d love to see some of the classic ‘Bousman Transitions’ like in the Saw flicks. Good luck with shopping this around, and I’ll be watching out for any upcoming news. Best of luck, bro.

  • matt

    haha yes !

  • http://varkentine.blogspot.com/ Ben

    Any “Darren Lynn Bousman transition” shots?

  • http://bloodandbeer-pink.blogspot.com/?spref=tw Hope Cahill

    I’m completely excited about Mother’s Day! Good luck with the rest of the film. And make sure you make some wife time!

  • KaiqueB

    I’m so excited, Darren. I hope the next stage isn’t as stressful as the editing was. I know this movie will blow our minds. CAN’T WAIT!

  • http://www.rproductie.nl Ruwan Heggelman

    Can’t wait! I’m so pumped :)!!!

  • Shae

    This looks sooo good! I can’t wait! So much talent!