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Exclusive Interview + Pic: Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘Mother’s Day’

13th February


Repo! The Genetic Opera Review on Bloody Disgusting

12th February


Something important to say

7th February

For the last 6 years, any time I wanted to blog I used MYSPACE.  Even as recently as last month. I knew no one was reading, hell, I am not sure if anyone is even still on myspace – BUT – at the same time I also knew I didn’t really have anything important to say – sans news about REPO showings, and what not.

But NOT TODAY… Today I actually have something to important to say. Important enough that I finally decided to use this webpage I bought some years back…

We spend the first quarter of our life in various learning environments. Preschool – Grade School – Middle school – onto High school… Some of us go onto college and further our learning… Some don’t.

In all of those years of education I spent countless hours learning random things that have … Read More »