Horror Film Director

11 11 11 Teaser

13th February

I was going to wait to post this blog upon wrapping the picture… But I couldn’t wait any longer to let you glimpse at my newest flick “11 11 11”.

The Horror…IV

6th February

First off, shooting on 11 11 11 is going AMAZING!  I am getting killer footage, and I truly think this will be the scariest film I have done!

The more of these blogs I write, the more I begin to question my own sanity for writing them. I am at a point now where I am beginning to censor myself, because I feel that no one will believe the words I am writing.

Mothers Day…

19th January

I have been told that making a movie is a lot like having a kid…

The emotions… The ups, the downs…

You birth this project – and raise it… It becomes a part of you… And then, at some point you push it out into the world, hoping it finds its way…

The Horror… III

17th January

There are times in my life that I feel like I am on PUNKed… There is no possible way that all the shit that happens to me is just some random happenstance… No, it cannot be ‘just one of those things…’

Sometimes I hear myself talking, and I call bullshit on myself…

The Horror II

6th January

(if you have not already, check out PART 1 of this blog series here)

There are some things we experience in life that defy description… I can sit down at my computer – arrange some flowery words and hope that I make a modicum of sense.

The truth is – we EACH make up our OWN reality – what makes sense for me, might not make sense for you…  What scares me, might not scare you… It is what makes each of us unique, different, and individual.

The horror… Part 1

29th December

I am a horror director… to many, including my family, that means that I am sick in the head…

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been asked…

“Have you been dropped on your head?”
“Did your parents lock you in the basement?”
“Were you abused?”

The answer to all the above questions is undoubtably… NO.

11 11 11

21st December

Until this point in my career I have had the extreme good fortune of working not only in the same country but primarily with the same crew.   Every film I have done has been shot in Canada and, for the most part, I have had my same department heads since SAW II.