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Posted on March 22nd, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Mother's Day. 10 comments

So excited, today we begin the final stage of MOTHER’S DAY! The DI and Sound Mix.

This week, myself, the DP Joe White, and editor Hunter Via will sit in complete darkness and color correct the movie.

It’s already making such a HUGE difference to the overall mood of the film.

Basically, in DI which stands for Digital Intermediate – which gives us the ability to create looks that were just not possible when shooting the movie.  We have more control over color, contrast, saturation, etc…

This is exciting.  Not only for the movie, but for me in general.   Joe White, the DP, has been a long time friend, and collaborator.  Not only did Joe White shoot Repo! The Genetic Opera for me, but we have worked together on various videos for KORN, and, um… er… uh… Clay Aiken… But yes, I shot a PSA for Clay Aiken, before my horror days.

Also, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, Hunter Via the editor and I have a long history.  Hunter and I went to film school together, and Hunter was the editor on all of my short films.

Stay tuned folks… Cause hopefully there will a lot of news shortly, as we are nearing the end of our work on Mother’s Day, and we will start screening to buyers VERY shortly!,



  1. “and, um… er… uh… Clay Aiken… I can’t believe I just admitted that… But yes, I shot a PSA for Clay Aiken.”

    …and with that it will be your last.

  2. SO…..you are unhappy about filming something for Clay Aiken?? Why?? Didn’t you get paid?? Do you think he is not talented?? DId you do a job that you think is not your best??

    I find that comment to be uncalled for. If you don’t like him, don’t say anything. If you took the money to work with him, have enough balls to stand up for what you did.

    Low blow!!

  3. Hey! why not refuse to shoot the PSA with Aiken? I’m thinking u took the $$$. Next time tell them u don’t want to shoot him.

  4. Hey guys, don’t think I am saying anything negative about Clay? Just I can’t believe a did a PSA for him – as it’s the opposite thing that most people who know me would assume I would do… Also, NO I didn’t make a penny doing it… It was when I was first starting out – and did it on SPEC… So calm down! Not talking trash on your beloved Aiken!

  5. After your “Oh so cool” remark about Clay Aiken, I think I’ll take a pass on any of your future projects.

    Clay is a classy guy, to bad you can’t say the same thing about yourself.

  6. Again, Faith – sorry to lose ya, and I will once again point out – haven’t said ONE negative thing about Clay… Only said – I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID A CLAY AIKEN PSA…. But I appreciate your loyalty to him.

  7. Perhaps, what we need is clarification on the Clay Aiken comment. It was just so flippantly throw in. (Maybe to grab more readers – who google Clay?)

    What can’t you believe? 1) That you ever did a PSA …period?) -What’s wrong with doing PSAs?
    Or 2) That you worked with Clay Aiken? If I inserted another group, say the KKK or PETA – how would it read, other than as a “put-down”? (Iferring how you’ve matured or changed – um… in your “tastes” or willingness to work for anybody who needed your abilities). Never mind, that the work might have gone on a resume – to YOUR benefit. It smacks of shame, at somehow having this to “CONFESS”. Why be ashamed of any legitimate work?

  8. Hey Liz, no, I don’t think I need to further comment on my above comments… I am glad you all feel so strongly about your beloved Clay… Nor, do I feel I need to comment on my experiences with Mr. Aiken… Thanks for visiting my site though!

  9. us Brazilians we are anxious about to beginning of this film here! I am admirer of Rebecca de Mornay & I am roendo the nails about to sees – there she is shine on the telonas newly after as many time!

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