Horror Film Director

The Devils Carnival

Since Repo! The Genetic Opera ended in 2008, Terrance Zdunich and I had been looking for a new project to collaborate on. For years we brainstormed idea after idea, and nothing really made sense… And then we met the devil…

In 2012, we self-funded and produced the musical, “The Devil’s Carnival”. The entire project was an experiment. Could we raise money, write, direct and produce an art project outside of the system??

I had grown tired of making movie after movie only for it to be shelved for years, leaving me powerless to change my fate… So our Carnival was born.

The concept was, could we make going back to the movies fun again? Could we create an event that would blur the lines between theater and film?

The Devil’s Carnival — while only 60 minutes in length — became a touring road show that journeyed across North America turning what could have been a mundane movie going experience into an event by combining audience interaction, live burlesque performances, contests, audience sing alongs, and much more.

An obsessed father, a kleptomaniac, and a gullible teenager are cast from Heaven by God. They find themselves wandering the frightening, unsympathetic midway of “The Devil’s Carnival”. Unbeknownst to these condemned attendees, their lives – and the sins that paved their paths to Hell – have become tethered to specific fables in a book read by Lucifer.