Horror Film Director

Saw IV

Ok, I could write an entire novel about my experiences on SAW 4.

First, a little fact. REPO was green-lit prior to SAW 4 starting preproduction. That single fact weighted a great deal in my signing back on to direct another SAW.

Never in a million years, did I ever think I would be directing three sequels! Part of me was disgusted with myself for coming back. I moved to Hollywood to show the world how creative I was. How I had a unique vision. Yet here I was – directing SAW 4… I wasn’t original. I was the exact opposite of original. But there is something about SAW. Toronto… The Crew… JIGSAW. I couldn’t stay away.

Also, there was a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel… REPO.

Repo was a blessing and a curse as it pertained to SAW 4.

If it weren’t for REPO being green-lit, I probably wouldn’t have considered directing SAW 4. I was determined to do an original project. I needed to… I HAD to! I didn’t want to go down in horror history as the sequel guy, yet here I was, well on my way.

Now, here was the issue. I was actively in preproduction with REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA while shooting SAW 4. Now, anyone who knows anything about entertainment business, knows the stress, politics, and bullshit that goes into making a movie. Now – DOUBLE that – no TRIPLE that – I had massive stress already with the production on SAW 4… Add to that the casting process and preproduction nightmare of REPO.

Going into SAW 4, I had a major uphill battle. I am a huge horror fan… In fact, I would consider myself a horror fan, over a horror director. That being said, I knew as a horror fan – this franchise could easily jump the shark. We had to bring something new and original to SAW. But what?

The story for SAW 4 was a battle right until the very end. For the first time, in the SAW universe, I was scared… No – terrified! What if SAW 4 didn’t work… what if the twist was lame? What if?

Luckily, I had an amazing crew – and producing team behind me.

Some fun facts about SAW 4.

Lyriq Bent (Rigg) and I came up with an entirely different ending. We both loved the idea – and tried to sneak it into the shooting schedule – however when the producers caught wind of the idea – we were stopped!

Chance, my dog makes a cameo in the film. But later we had to cut her out as she was too cute and fluffy to exist in a SAW movie.

My fiancé, my lawyer, and my assistant all make cameos as rape victims.

While roughly four transition shots made the final edit of the film, about six more were shot, and later cut out due to pacing issues.