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Posted on April 9th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, Mother's Day. 10 comments

All great things, must eventually come to an end…

Today is our last ‘official’ mix day on MOTHER’S DAY.

I am always taken aback by how much a film changes, and grows even after the final edit is finished.

When we had our first ‘test’ screening of Mother’s Day – we screened what is known as an AVID output. Basically, all the visual effects are missing, the score is ‘temp’, the color is uncorrected, and the sound effects are all canned…

Once we lock picture we hand the film over to various companies to basically pull it apart. One company will redesign the sound. One company color corrects the image. A composer comes in and trashes our temp score and creates something wholly original and unique to the picture.

In the end – we mix everything back together – and create the FINAL ANSWER PRINT.

It’s amazing seeing how this movie has grown, and changed. What was once undramatic now oozes drama. What was once not scary, is now terrifying.

Watching how much this film has evolved in the last six weeks is nothing short of amazing.

In some respects I am more excited about Mother’s Day than anything I have ever done. I am so proud of what we have accomplished.

What strikes me the most about sitting here these last couple of days is how much the movie is still affecting me. I find myself becoming unnerved, anxious, and uneasy by what I am watching up on the screen. I have seen this movie at least 100 times, and all of a sudden with all of these elements being added – it’s as if I am watching Mother’s Day for the first time. I care about the characters, not some of them… ALL of them.

I feel that with each movie I make, I am learning so much. Mother’s Day is a combination of the best parts SAW 2, 3, 4 and Repo!

I have traveled for the last ten months with Mother’s Day – and now the creative part on my end is done. It’s always sad stepping away from a project after being so closely involved with it in every aspect. I feel a kinship with Mother and her demented family, but onwards we move…

Next step, we start the screenings to studios, and SELL IT!!!!!

10 thoughts on “ALL GREAT THINGS…

  1. I think this has been an inspiring journey not just for you but for all of us who have watched it unfold for you. You know you have all the support of the REPO community!

  2. I have been following this movie since it was announced, and I seriously cannot wait, even for the trailer… im so EXCITED! This is without a doubt my most anticipated movie of 2010. Bring it on.

  3. well i know what was shot, but i am expecting a very different finished product with everything added in. it is gonna kick some ass ! ! !

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  5. I am intensely excited to see this movie! I live in Winnipeg. I tend bar and am a manager at The District Cocktail Lounge. I was lucky enough to hang out with these amazingly kind and down to earth people that I or anyone else could imagine meeting. I was the only bartender that was able to make a close connection with the cast/crew and even some directors and producers! Kudos to you Darren! It was a pleasure meeting all of you and best of luck!

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