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A SAW by any other name…

Posted on January 25th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in blog, film, inspiration, opinion. 7 comments

I like to pride myself on being proactive… Both in my career and my life… however I have been anything but proactive when it comes to my blog.

I guess I get overwhelmed with how many thoughts I have in a day and instead of just focusing on ONE thought and blogging about it, I shut down.

My News Year’s resolution is to blog more… Not that any really cares what I have to say, but it’s cathartic…   I have grown tired of telling Ninja and Chance all of my innermost thoughts…


Truth be told, I am sure they have grown tired of hearing them.

So I turn to the Internet, where everyone has a voice, and anyone can babble on endlessly about everything and nothing at all. It’s insane when you think how the Internet has changed our lives, as well as society as a whole.

If it were not for the Internet, both “Repo!” and “The Devil’s Carnival” would have died horrible, horrible deaths.  Luckily for the aforementioned films, the Internet existed, and it allowed fans to talk, speak their mind, and spread our little musical plague to others.


Information is so freely accessible… What used to be secret, is now easily revealed…  What used to be mysterious is now quickly exposed…

I remember a couple of years back when I was buying a TV for the house, I did research… Actual research… I went to various stores, looked at the different models, read “Consumer Reports”… Now, I just look at the Amazon rating on something.   If I am looking for a restaurant, I YELP it…   Gotta check those reviews…  What are my peers saying?


The truth is I am LAZY. Gone are the days where I actually investigate anything – I let others dictate what I buy, and what I don’t.   What I watch, and what I skip… I am a sheep, regardless if I want to admit it or not.   Maybe sheep is the wrong word; I am a Lemming…


A few days ago, I was out and about when I passed a movie theater showing “Texas Chainsaw 3D.”


(Full Disclosure – the producer of Texas Chainsaw is a friend of mine:  Carl Mazzocone produced some of the “Saw” films, but more importantly, he was the main producer behind “REPO! The Genetic Opera”.  I have been a fan of Carl for some time, as he was one of the few people who made “REPO!” a reality, and never stopped believing in or fighting for our little musical.)

Ironically, I had read nothing about it, and I also realized I hadn’t read a single review on the movie.    I had fallen out of touch with Carl, and had no insight on how filming went, or what stories he could share from the set. All I had was the poster…


As I stood there in front of the theater, I pulled my cell phone out.  I started to pull up Rotten Tomatoes, and then stopped myself.  Fuck it, who cares what anyone else thinks of this?   I am going in and supporting Carl.


I gotta admit, I liked it.  I actually really dug the film. Was it perfect?  No…  Did parts of the timeline confuse me?  Yes?  But who fucking cares?  In the 90+ minutes I was in the theater, I found it entertaining and exciting, it had some good kills… (come on, the girl in the freezer!  That was epic)

Not only was I excited for Carl Mazzocone, and Mark Burg, I was happy to see LGF was still releasing R rated horror films.

The critic in me, can look at Texas Chainsaw and pick apart things I didn’t like…  But the reality was, while I was in the movie, I went on the journey and had a good time with it.  Texas Chainsaw was not a movie I would allow myself to pick apart.

The minute it ended I jumped on Rotten Tomatoes, curious of what others thought of the movie. As one would expect, it wasn’t getting the love Carl, and others who worked on the movie probably had hoped for.

One need not be a rocket scientist to understand how EVERY horror movie that is released effects me, and directors like me… It effects all the horror films coming out… It is important that horror stays atop the box office… It’s important it’s supported, and fans see these films, as you VOTE by your dollar… I am nothing more than a poser if I am not out there as well, voting with my dollars… I WANT TO SEE MORE HORROR, I want to see R rated horror – this is the genre I love, and so every time a movie like this comes out, it’s important, as it’s another chance to make a statement. When I came home that night, I was curious what some of the bloggers I followed thought of the film, so I sat down and spent a good hour reading other people’s thoughts and reviews on “Chainsaw”.


About an hour into my curiosity, a realization hit me, if I had read a fraction of this prior to going to the theater, I would not have seen the movie.  I would have prejudged it, and written it off based on what the others thought. The Others.

I have never personally made a movie that The Others have endorsed.   In fact, pretty much every film I have made has been destroyed by the critics from Rotten Tomatoes.



I wonder what other movies I would have seen, or restaurants I would have visited or TV’s I might have bought if I didn’t so easily accept the advice of others…

I would like to tell my followers to support my friend Carl and LGF, and horror in general by going out and seeing Texas Chainsaw 3D, if for no other reason than the great Bill Moseley, that man is a God Damn National Treasure.



But who am I?  Just another voice in a sea of voices, so don’t listen to a word I say… But be your own judge…  Do your own thing.

I challenge you to an experiment.  Do one thing this week that you know NOTHING about… Go on Netflix and watch a movie you have never heard of (no reading reviews).  Go to a restaurant and don’t YELP it, or do any research… Go buy a CD based SOLELY on the cover art and nothing else… Pick up a comic book because you like the title even though you have no clue of its content.

While a great deal of you will probably strike out, and be met with severe disappointment, some of you will discover diamonds in the rough… I want to hear about it all — the successes and the failures (though no promise I will listen to any of you – I will be out discovering my own stuff)!!!


7 thoughts on “A SAW by any other name…

  1. Hey D, It’s always best to do your own thing and explore. I hope you find the hidden Gems if you ever want to see a creepy over looked 90’s Horror Movie check out In The Mouth of Madness it’s John Carpenters love letter to H.P. Lovecraft or the more Recent 2006 flick Mulberry Street. It’s got WereRats. There is good stuff out there but it usually requires shifting through a lot of Broken Dreams. All the best on the Quest.


  2. Darren, as always, your words are an inspiration. In fact, they’ve inspired me to make a confession to you.

    I’ve known you, for nearly five years. You’ve invited me into your home, spent time listening to me, and you’ve been there for me through some really hard times (losing my movie theater, losing my Mom).

    Though the realities of distance, location and lifestyle dictate that it’s just not practical to spend much time hanging out together often (nevermind how busy you are!), I value it when it does happen, and I’m proud to call you a friend, because you’ve proven it. And I hope in turn I have proven my friendship to you.

    So here’s my confession.

    I’ve only seen REPO and TDC. I haven’t seen any of your other films.

    I *own* all of them, except 11/11/11 (which I’m sure I’ll get at some point). I bought them all brand-new (I still get a kick out of the fact that you signed my copy of “Mother’s Day” ON Mother’s Day!)

    But I haven’t watched them yet.

    Part of the reason…well, if I can help it, I don’t see sequels without seeing the original, and I never saw the original SAW. You see…I’m not…and never have been…a big horror fan. There are obviously some exceptions…and of course I’m very FAMILIAR with the genre because not only does it border/overlap so many things I DO like (sci-fi/fantasy, comics, etc), but I know so many people who ARE into it–and people such as yourself, who make it!

    But–it’s just never been my thing. I have NO problem that it’s other people’s thing. It’s just not mine. And so I’ve had this silly, paranoid fear–I’ve even joked about it to other REPO/TDC/ROCKY people–“Will Darren hate me if I tell hime I’ve never seen his SAW movies?”

    But in the spirit of your blog, I make this pledge. Sometime in the next week(ish)…I’m going to watch them. At LEAST the first four SAW films, and Mother’s Day.

    And after that, I’m going to finally sit down and get to work for real on my OWN movie ideas…one of which, ironically, is a horror film.

    Thank you for your friendship, Darren, and thank you for inspiring me.

    Genuine Love


  3. I am just like you, Darren. I have a blog too that I have had for a few years now and hardly ever blog even though, I made it to talk about anything and everything. I always think of things I want to blog about but never do. I’m making a resolution to blog more. One more thing…I just watched “REPO” again for like the millionth time! I just love that movie! 🙂

  4. The first time I watched Repo! The Genetic Opera I had no idea who made it, who starred in it, or even what it was about. I just rolled it, & needless to say I was not only surprised by what I was witnessing scene after scene, but I was blown away… I enjoyed every second. Did it change my life? No, not at the time. But over time it most definitely has. Had I not taken a chance on a film I knew nothing about I would not have met so many amazing people through the fandom, & had so many experiences that I will never forget seeing your other films.

  5. Jeff, I tried to like your comment. Also, why is it whenever I try to comment on your blog the capcha is always VAN.. I am forever haunted by memories of T shirts falling from the sky.

    Anyway. I’ve recently gotten back into the habit of reading books. And to say I was a little lost in the library would be an understatement. But now I just grab the books that look good. And so far I haven’t found a dud (unless you count The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I fear I may never be able to get into it.) I think people are so wrapped up in what everyone else is thinking or saying or doing they forget how to enjoy things.
    Something I recently remembered back in April when a little film called The Devil’s Carnival came out. It was the first time in a while I sat back and let myself get lost in a movie in a theater.

    As for nobody caring to read your words would definitely have to say you are mistaken. Every time I read one of your blogs I get inspired to get up and do…something. (anything!) If only my muse felt the same.

  6. I, too, loved Texas Chainsaw 3D and I read reviews before I saw it (though I didn’t look at the cast), then said, “Screw that, critics hated REPO! and it’s one of my all-time favorite films.” (I insert here the fact that, regardless of what critics say, I *adore* your films. I recommend them whenever I can and have pestered some people to watch REPO! and TDC in particular until they gave in.)

    I agree that we’ve reached a place in society where too many of us rely on what others think of something before we’ll try it. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights! I’m always interested in what you have to say because it gives me a perspective I haven’t always considered.

  7. I watch watch movies I have never heard about all of the time. Though almost always horror I will give anything a chance. About 30% of the time I find moves I enjoy quite a bit. This is how I came across the Night Watch horror novel series by Sergei Lukyanenko, by watching Night Watch at random. I enjoyed the movies then found the books. The movie Black Sheep is a classic in my house for the same reason. I mean gory one about mutant killer sheep not the Chris Farley thing.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I babble endlessly about nothing frequently and there are still a handful of people who are interested enough to listen. Due to some of the things your mind has produced there is a pretty hefty number of us who would like to listen to you.

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