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11 11 11 Teaser

Posted on February 13th, by Darren Lynn Bousman in 1111, blog. 42 comments

I was going to wait to post this blog upon wrapping the picture… But I couldn’t wait any longer to let you glimpse at my newest flick “11 11 11”.

I had planned to write a long drawn out blog continuing to inform you of the horrors of shooting at what I am convinced is a cursed location… But that will have to await for another blog…  Another time…

Instead, let’s talk about the MOVIE itself…

But why talk about it?  Take a look for yourself! I have to get back to shooting!

11 11 11 FIRST TEASER…


42 thoughts on “11 11 11 Teaser

    • Good days Mr. Bousman!

      I read it does so that Lionsgate had announced that if Saw’s ticket office 3D was OK, they would bite their language on it of the last chapter and would give green light to Saw VIII. Do not be if they will have or not intentions of extracting this movie but it would please the majority of the fans, to stop completing a circle that still we do not manage to see enclosure. In forums like House of Jigsaw or TodoSaw they are proposing even arguments and scripts. I would like that like for Saw 3D one resorted to forums and ultimately to having ourselves in it counts the fans it was doing the same thing and to weigh the idea of doing Saw VIII and even we think that there might be present Adam, the photographer, since it will be necessary to explain why the corpse of Saw’s bath looks like suspiciously more Tapp that Adam and because there are photos of the victims in the games. The ticket office has not defrauded with Saw 3D and it will do it neither with Saw VIII nor with all the Saw that need up to leaving all the fans us with a “whaoo” in the mouth

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  2. Love it. It feels like straight-up, atmospheric and imagery laden horror. So many movies these days seem to think someone slowly walking down dark hallways followed by a cheap startle scare is the way to go, but I’m actually seeing stuff here that looks hellish and evocative through cinematography, the lighting, and set design. That’s the good stuff, man. Can’t wait for more!

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  4. Have been in bed for days with this awful thing that it going around, plus had a root canal…in my weakened state…I still jumped 3 feet about 3 times! Good job Darren! You are amazing. Waiting for a romance…ok…a horror romance?…Orpheus and Eurydice-esque perhaps?

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  7. Right now, I’m working in a Horror Short for a horror competition that will happen on June in Portugal. This teaser shows me that is possible to create horror in few seconds.
    I’m and I will always be a fan of your work.

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  13. Right now I’m working on a short horror movie for a competition in Portugal that will happen in June.
    This teaser shows me that is possible to create horror and suspense in just a few seconds.
    I am and will always be a fan of your work.

  14. Congrats, Darren! Trailer looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the film. Also congrats on finishing up the latest movie. Loved reading the set blog.

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  19. Spine chilling!! The trailer is amazing! Looks as though the film is going to be one of the most frightening movies to date, with a brilliant cast and a very interesting storyline! Looking forward to seeing it in November!

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  21. Suitably teasing…!
    Looking forward to this.

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on 11-11-11. Lol. We never imagined the future synchronicity of it at the time. Maybe we can attend the film premier.


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  24. OMG i want to see the movie now.Number 11 is my favorite number and lucky number.Im obsessed with it.This movie, i can tell thats im gonna love it.The day 11 11 11 is gonna be my lucky day.Thanks for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. im already the movies biggest fan!:)

  25. 11.11.11, yeah something is coming that date:
    The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM!

    Waiting about 5 years and finally is coming, our lives will gone playing this game, i’ll end my relationship and freeze my scholl, MY GOD HELP US ALL!

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